Monday, July 27, 2009

Dear Crystal,

Crystal asked some great questions on my last blog, so I thought I would answer them here for everyone to read! Thanks for the questions, Crystal!

I use my Quinny EVERYWHERE!! It has been in the rain, the mud, the sand, and even the snow. It still works great! The wheels are really easy to take on and off and the trick is to clean AND dry them quickly after getting them really dirty. I just put mine in the sink and rinse them off. Dry them with an old towel and them spray them with a silicone spray (you can get some at a hardware store, like Home Depot.) Then I just put the wheels back on. Super easy!!

I got my Quinny from Ding Bats, a local boutique. On the Quinny website, there is a place where you can find a Quinny dealer near you. Here's the link. The Quinny Buzz 3-Wheel Stroller is $579.99. The Buzz 4-Wheel Stroller is $629.99. I have the Buzz 3-Wheel, the 4-Wheel was not available when I got mine. But I like the 3-Wheel, I think it is really easy to maneuver.

I did use the baby basket (bassinet) attachment! Quinny calls it the Dreami Cot. Lucy did not really like just riding around in it while awake, but it was great for naps! I'd put her in it while she was napping and go for a walk. It was also great as a bed-on-the-go for when we were at my grandparents house or traveling. When Lucy was 4 months, we went to San Diego. I took the DreamiCot and that is what she slept in every night. It was great! For the most part she was in her Maxi Cosi Mico Car Seat, which she loved to ride around in. She still uses the Mico in the car. I will blog about Maxi Cosi soon. I think its great!

In the Quinny, she is now in the big kid seat! She still sits facing toward me but is not reclined any longer. You can put little babies in the big kid seat, if it is reclined, but we always just used the car seat. One of the things I liked most about the Quinny is all the different options for seating. Car seat, DreamiCot, big kid facing you, big kid facing out... Soon Lucy will be facing forward. She's getting so big!

It is so expensive to buy all these things for your baby. However, I feel like it was all really great investments. I can't really put a price on keeping my baby safe and I feel very comfortable that the products I chose for her are the best! Like I have said, I did a TON of research before deciding on anything and I feel like I made the right choices! We are very happy with all of the products we have, that's why I want to share them all with you guys!!!!

Good Luck, Crystal! I hope this helps you make a good, informed decision!


Lindsey said...

Thanks for the comment and congratulations on your new little bundle of joy! When are you due?

Erica said...

Love the blog! Congrats on our news too, it'll be fun to read more advice you give on baby items and issues in the next few months, we're expecting our first this winter:-)

Crystal Corona said...

Thanks!!! I just saw this!!! I have another friend over here who has one too. I did see the links on the site to where they were sold. I noticed that they are slightly different then the one I can get here in Europe. The carseat is different too. I think that it still has all the major safety features like the one there. They just must have different rules to follow in Europe Vs US. The car seat over here is cool because it has an extender thing that goes to the ground in the car to stabilize it in all kinds of cars. I know my friend had one that was very sloped and I think mine is too. So that might be good for me. I love that you are so into products!! I am enjoying doing the research too. I think the Quinny is great because you can use it till they are 35 or 40 lbs! Because its so sturdy I think it should last too. Do you think its easy to collapse? I have read different things. I keep meaning to get up the nerve to go talk to the Germans about it. I have two stores around me that carry it.

Becca said...

We have a quinny too for our little girl :-) she loves it and it looks really cool too - everyone calls it my "jetson stroller" . . .
but i cannot stand how mine wont recline, and the basket is basically useless . . .

other than that :-) it's great!

Jessica said...

It doesn't recline? Have you taken it in to a dealer to be serviced? Also, if you have had you stroller for less that a year and there is something wrong with it, Quinny will replace it!

The under basket is pretty small, so we got the Quinny Buzz Box. You can order it online or get it a Quinny dealer. Totally helps!

Thanks for stopping by!!