Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Great Diaper Debate!

Moms: What are your favorite diapers?

I've tried them all, literally all of them! Name a brand of diapers, and I have tried them! Huggies, Pampers, Luvs, Generic brand, Organic, Biodegradable... I've got the low down on diapies. Here are some reviews on some of the hits and misses:

The Baby Brand diapers from Babies R Us certainly have the best price tag out there. There are much cheaper than any of the name brand diapers! However, we did not have any luck with them. They didn't move well with Lucy and they LEAKED! Nothing is worse than getting peed on while your baby is sitting on your lap. Well... maybe getting pooed on and that happened too! Gross.

Miss: Luvs

Better than Baby Brand, but still not leak proof! Good value; cheaper than both Huggies and Pampers. However, they seemed to get hard in the seat when wet which caused leakage and I imagine wasn't very comfy for Lucy! Never had poo come out the side of these, but I got peed on a few times :-(

Miss: Earth's Best

So, the great thing about Earth's best is that they are completely non-toxic! They are organic, chlorine & salt free, they don't use genetically engineered ingredients, and they're even kosher! However, like the others, we had leakage problems with them. They didn't seem to fit Lucy quite right. Price wise they are about the same as Pampers.

Hit: Huggies

Finally! A better diaper! Good value and better leakage protection. Huggies fit well and remained soft and flexible. Not as expensive a Pampers, more expensive than Luvs. They have good leak protection, however it is not the best. Still had some accidents! But if price is an issue, Huggies is your best bet! Best for the value.

Hit: gDiaper
This is just an amazing idea! And it work pretty well too! The gDiaper is a flushable, biodegradable, disposable/cloth diaper combo. Here's how it works: there are 2 layers to this diaper system; the disposable insert and the cloth cover. The insert is flushable and biodegradable in less than 3 months (compared to 300 yrs for regular disposable diapers!!) Go GREEN! They work pretty well too! Leakage is minimal for pee, poo was a little trickier! If it was a big one or loose it came right out the sides! Then it gets all over the cloth cover too, ew! The inserts clogged our toilets a couple times so we ended up just throwing them away (they biodegrade so quickly, anyway!) You do have to buy a new kit everytime your baby changes sizes so the cloth cover will fit. Price is slightly more expensive than Pampers. We liked gDiapers, but in the end they just weren't very convenient.

Winner: Pampers

Pampers were the big winners for us! Naturally, the most expensive disposable... Unbeatable leakage protection! Never have had a problem with leakage here. They are soft and flexible; they actually move with Lucy as she scoots and crawls around. By far the most superior of all the other brands we tried. I just wish they were more green...

I would love to say that I am a super mom and everything I do for Lucy is safe for both her and the environment. However, I am only human and convenience won out for me! So we use Pampers and try to make up for it in other ways like recycled paper towels and green cleaning products. All in all, you will spend a bit more but not being peed and pooed on is definitely worth it!

NOTE: These are my opinions and I have not been compensated in anyway for them. I realize everyone has their own opinions on which diapers are the best... And I'd love to hear them :)


Crystal Corona said...

Love the post! I am excited to try the Gdiapers. I will let you know how cloth goes for me! Have you heard of Natural Carebaby???!?!? Go try it and let me know if I should get it.. lol.
Its Biodegradable like the liner for GDiapers! I am really interested to know how it works on babies. The review seem mixed. Just like they are for all diapers. Its made from corn and woodpulp.
Its at select Targets instore and online BabiesRus.

Crystal Corona said...

Nature Babycare.. not natural.

Jessica Slusarchuk said...

We love Pampers!!! I did the same thing as you with Sofia... I tried everything to see which would be best for leakage...and we came up with the same thing Pampers are truly the best!

Jessica said...

Yep, yep! At some point you just have to go with what really works. And Pampers it is!