Thursday, July 16, 2009

Move over Dr. Brown!

Moms: Have you switched to ThinkBaby yet?

With all the talk about BPA and other chemical in baby bottles, I decided to do some research on a new SAFE brand of bottles for little Lucy. I think I hit the jack pot with ThinkBaby!

Lucy had just a touch of colic and acid reflux, so finding the right bottle was definately a chore! I was on a mission and tried just about every bottle out there. I needed a bottle that would help with the reflux and colic as well as be BPA free.

After countless bottles and lots of $$, I finally stumbled upon ThinkBaby. Nicole, at my favorite baby store Ding Bats, suggested I give them a try. I just bought one, being the skeptic that I am, and tried it out for a few days. MAGIC! They were perfect. Lucy's mood improved and the reflux decreased drastically!

ThinkBaby bottles "use a medical grade type of plastic, which we have specifically formulated to be free of: PVC, BPA (bisphenol-A), nitrosamines, lead and phthalates. You will never find any of these chemicals in any part of our product lines. The anti-colic system is built into the silicone nipple. This means that there aren’t a bunch of parts to get lost or damaged. The single piece design also makes it easy to clean."

The nipples have a small air venting system that allows the bubbles to escape through the lid instead of going into your baby's tummy. "Patented venting system reduces incidence of gas and spit up. Venting systems have also been show to reduce the risk of middle ear infections."

Less gas = Happy babies!! I think these are great and they are definately on my "can't live without" list.


Crystal Corona said...

Did you try the Dr Brown ones at all? I heard it was a good brand. Wondered what you thought of it.

Jessica said...

I did! They were the best I found until I tried the ThinkBaby Bottles.

They have a good venting system as well, but they were definitely more difficult to clean. All in all I feel like the ThinkBaby brand was a better fit for us.

I hope you try them out! Good luck!