Friday, July 24, 2009

My Guilty Pleasure!

Moms, whats your guilty pleasure?

So, I love chips. I could eat chips and salsa everyday for the rest of my life and be completely happy. I try not to eat them very much because of all the salt, but if I am around them there's no stopping me! Mmmm... Now I really want some chips and salsa! Ha!

Okay, so the point of my post is that I found a great new chip that's really not that bad for you! Greatest day of my life (not really, but maybe...) You have to try them out! I got them from Whole Foods. Behold, Food Should Taste Good: Multigrain Chips!

"Flax, sunflower and sesame seeds add to the distinctively nutty flavor, making this chip a wholesome, perfect snack to be enjoyed on its own or dipped into your favorite hummus."

I like it with homemade guacamole or Clint's Salsa. Don't even get me going on Clint's. OMG, best salsa ever, period.

The chips are light and not too salty, just delish! And they are pretty healthy, too! A serving of FSTG Multigrain Chips has the same nutritional value as a serving of Grape Nuts (Thanks, mom! So wise.)

Food Should Taste good makes several different flavors of chips: Jalapeno, Olive, Chocolate, the Works, Buffalo, Sweet Potato, Lime, Potato & Chive, Cinnamon, and Yellow Corn. So far I have tried the Mulitgrain, Jalapeno, Sweet Potato, and Chocolate. They were all good, but Multigrain was the best!


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Anonymous said...

The sweet potato ones are freakin' AWESOME too! This is a super great snack, and healthy too!