Monday, July 5, 2010

No More Diaper Rash!

Moms, do your babies get diaper rash?

I wrote this post last year, but I've been reading a lot about some the new diapers  causing severe rashes. I even had a woman come in the shop the other day saying her daughter got such bad rashes they have given up putting her in diapers! So, I thought I'd update it and re-post :)

We use Pampers (see HERE for my diaper debate) and have never had any problems; with rashes or with leaks! With that being said...

Lucy & Penny have never had diaper rash (knock on wood!) I wanted to share my little secret with you all... When I was a baby, I would get terrible diaper rash. My mom used Desitin but I still kept getting it. :( Then my aunt told my mom that she used something different and her babies didn't have the same problem. She used Vaseline! So my mom started using it as well. Voila! No more diaper rash!

So, what do I use on my little midgets? Vaseline, of course! Specifically, I use Vaseline Nursery Jelly. Its just the same as regular petroleum jelly but with a fresh powder scent. I put a generous amount of Vaseline on the girls tushies every time I change their diapers. From front to back, making sure to cover all the skin that is under the diaper. Easy as that! If I start to see a little bit of redness I cover it with Desitin Overnight Cream and then put Vaseline on top of that. Stops the red immediately!

I hope you all have not had diaper rash issues with your babies, but if you do, I hope you try my little trick! And the Vaseline is really cheap :)

NOTE: These are my opinions and I have not been compensated in anyway for them. I realize everyone has their own opinions... And I'd love to hear them :)


Ella said...

It is great that so many old school products are still in use today. My mum used it for all kinds of things when we were babies.

Jessica said...

I know! sometimes the simplicity of some of the old school products make them better! thanks for reading, Ella!

Adie said...

My oldest had terrible diaper rash, I had to use prescription stuff. With my two younger girls I use AD ointment. I think it is similar to using vaseline, just keeping the moisture away, but I bet the nursery vaseline smells a lot better! I will have to try it. Thanks!

Sarah said...

Bought some and are trying it out!! Thanks for the tip! We always use Desitin, but Ava doesn't really need something that "strong" all the time!

I'm having your same feelings on the gDiapers! I love them, but they are just not convenient enough for me (and they are not big enough for Ava)! Back to Pampers!

Jennifer said...

There are a ton of people having problems with non-healing diaper rashes-- it's being linked back to the new pampers with dry-max. They think it's more of a chemical burn than a rash!

My son had a rash when we were using the new pampers and tried all sorts of expensive prescription creams to get rid of what the doctor thought was a yeast-rash. We heard about this problem with the dry-max pampers and switched back to huggies. The rash magically healed.

I've heard that there is an effort to get Pampers to recall these diapers. There's even a class action lawsuit that has been filed regarding these.

K said...

Wow, perfect timing! My daughter has had a pretty bad rash for 2 days now and Desitin and Butt Paste just aren't working. I'm off to slather her butt in vaseline right now! Thanks for the tip! :)