Friday, August 14, 2009

Boy or Girl?

Moms, did you have any clue?

So, now being 4 mo. pregnant with #2 I have been bombarded with the question: "Do you have any gut feeling? Boy or girl?" The answer is no. To be honest with you, I had a "gut feeling" Lucy was a boy... Oops! I honestly could not tell you, one way or another, what this one will be.

Like all expecting mothers, I'm sure, I tried the Chinese Gender Prediction Calender... 51% chance for a girl - 49% for a boy... I did it with Lucy too, and it said she was going to be a boy. How helpful! Hahaha!

With Lucy I had just about every pregnancy symptom known to man... This pregnancy has been so uneventful... I actually forget I'm pregnant sometimes! So maybe its a boy? Who knows!!

We'll find out soon enough. We go in for our next Ultrasound in September, so we'll find out then! Uck. I hate waiting!!

Don't forget to vote in my poll... and leave a comment about your guess. We'll see who's right!


alexis said...

BOY!!! I have no idea but I think you need one of each!

tara said...

i agree, one of each is simply delightful! when we discovered greyson was a boy, i was scared. i wasn't sure i knew how to be a mom to a boy. simply because i'm very girly and never played sports. wow- have i come a looong way! little boys are the sweetest things and have the most tender spots in their hearts for their mama's!! :) either way i'm super excited for you and can't wait to hear the gender in sept, don't keep us guessing for long! ;)
take care and always leaving the nicest comments over on our blog, i was wondering who kyle was the other day! lol! :)

tara said...

meant to say thank-you for leaving the nicest comments...... i'm sleep deprived! ha!

Mrs. Dirnberger said...

Just found your blog and glad I did...I really enjoy little lucy and baby to be!!!

Crystal Corona said...

Good luck! I cant believe you are 4 months pregnant!