Thursday, August 27, 2009


Moms, have you tried these yet?

HAPPYBABY HAPPYMELTS are Lucy's favorite snack! She just loves them. Its so funny to watch her eat them, she's such a goof! She gets super excited to get them to her mouth and just beams with pride. She also sings while eating them, which is apparently what she does when something taste really good!! Haha!

HAPPYBABY products are all organic and are made with 100% natural ingredients. They make sure that none of their foods contain pesticides, chemical fertilizers, or genetic modification.

"HAPPYBABY is committed to making baby food as healthy and delicious as homemade with the essential nutrients needed for optimal growth and development."

HAPPYMELTS are super yummy freeze dried yogurt snacks. They come in Banana Mango, Mixed Berry and Strawberry. Lucy likes the Banana Mango the best! HAPPYMELTS are easy for your baby to pick up and put in his/her mouth. They're not messy and melt in your baby's mouth. You don't need to refrigerate them, so they are great for moms on the go. Of course they are 100% natural and organic!

I hope your baby likes HAPPYMELTS as much as Lucy! They are a great, healthy snack!!

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Crystal Corona said...

Where do you buy those? I doubt I will be able to get them.. just wondering where in the states.