Thursday, September 17, 2009

9 months old! Already?

Lucy Olivia

At 9 months she:

•Is 29in and 20lbs! 1in & 1lb in 1month - good job!!
•Still only has 2 full teeth, but 4 on top have broken through and we're starting to see them!!
•Still sleeps through the night 8pm to 7:30am - amazing!
•Takes 3 naps a day - one at 9am, one at 1pm and one at 5pm - still like clock work!
•Eats all sorts of yummy food - we eat meats now! She LOVES lamb with feta cheese!
•Still loves Dora the Explorer but is now obsessed with The Fresh Beat Band - she loves music!
•Eats YoBaby yogurt for breakfast almost every morning - she really loves eggs too!
•Loves to stand at the doggie gate and talk to her puppies - adorable!
•Is obsessed with turning the iHome on and off - I'll say "Lucy, noooo!" She answers, "Yeths!"

•Is crawling EVERYWHERE!! But she really wants to walk!
•Likes to scream while she crawls - she'll cruise through the whole house screaming, "Aaaaaah!"
•Can stand on her own for a second if we stand her up!
•Still LOVES her binky! We're binky dependent...
•Is the best baby to take to a restaurant! She just plays in her sassy seat!
•Loves mac and cheese from Local Table. She has great taste, only the finest for her!!
•Loves to talk to the "baby" in the mirror.
Talks up a storm - she says: Dada, Yaya (Yia yia - grandmother), Mama, Upup, Yah, Uh-oh, Hi, Ok, Dogays (dogs), Bye bye, Yeths (Yes), Baba (bottle)
•I will say, "Lucy, careful!" and she will respond, "Uh-Oooooh!"
•Sings when she's eating something she likes - the louder the singing, the yummier the food!
Loves to dance! She stands herself up on the ottoman and bounces up and down to the music!
•Loves to laugh at her puppies! She chases them around and just giggles!
She pulls herself up on anything! She now trying to stand up on her own... Working on it!
Likes to walk, while holding on, all the way around the ottoman in the family room!
Wears 9-12 month clothing and size "2" infant shoes - but never keeps her shoes on!
Loves the song "Pink Elephants on Parade!" She starts smiling from the 1st note!
•Is working on a "circus act" with her YiaYia! They're crazy!!
Loves to read books - we read to her every night.
Likes to go for walks in her "big girl" stroller!
•We walk to the sprinkle park every weekend - she loves to play on the jungle gym!
Has so much fun playing with other babies - even the "big" kids at the sprinkle park!
Is the prettiest, smartest, happiest, friendliest, most loving baby in the world!!

We are SO lucky!!

Love you so much little monkey! You will be 1yr in 3 short months!
I can't believe how big you are :-)

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YiaYia said...

That sassy-ass picture sums her up!!

And the circus-act is coming along stupendously!