Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Bouncy, bouncy!

Lucy LOVES her Graco Jumper seat! She has loved to bounce in it since she was a little baby. Now, she can really get going!! She bounces so high and swings back and forth while just giggling away! I love it too because it entertains her for good chunks of time... I can clean the kitchen or make dinner. So nice!

We hang ours from the door jam in our kitchen so we can easily keep and eye on her (always watch your baby while in a bouncy seat!) It seriously provides endless entertainment for everyone!! If you don't have a Bouncy seat, I totally recommend you get one! We like the Graco Jumper and it has high safety ratings (We have the Jumpster Jungle Jubilations which is no longer in stock at Baby R Us... but they have others!) Try and avoid getting a jumper that has toys attached to it... they can come off and become choking hazards!