Sunday, October 25, 2009

Field Trip!

Yesterday, YiaYia (my mom) and I took Lucy to the zoo for the first time. It was a beautiful day here and YiaYia just couldn't resist the opportunity to take some pictures of little miss. Lucy wasn't too sure about the zoo at first, but once she started seeing the animals, she had a blast!
We went to check out the chimps first but they were no where to be found, so we headed into the Arctic Tundra House. There we saw 2 snow owls and 3 swift foxes. The owls were beautiful, but Lucy couldn't really see them. She spotted the foxes though and said, "Wow, wow, wow!" She was smiling and giggling at them. YiaYia even got her to say, "Fox!" So awesome!!
Next, we headed into the Southwest Desert House. Gross. It smelled so awful we basically ran out! YiaYia and I were gagging. Ew. By this time, the chimps had come out to play in the yard! There were 5 adult chimps and 2 babies. The babies were absolutely darling! They were so fun to watch. They rolled and tumbled (instead of just walking normal) from place to place... So funny! Lucy LOVED the chimps! She was clapping and screaming! She would giggle when the babies would perform!
We then walked through the Rainforest House. YiaYia and I liked it, but Lucy was kind of bored. She couldn't really see anything. Next up were the Siberian Tigers. Once Lucy was able to focus on them she lit up, saying, "Cat, cat!" She really is a genius, I swear :-)
Across from the tigers were the penguins. I loved the penguins, Lucy was nonplus about them... I guess they're not that exciting for a 10 month old ;-) YiaYia was able to snap this incredible picture of Lucy and a Gentoo penguin!

We ended the field trip with a visit to the flamingos, which are my personal favorite! I think that if I were an animal, I would be a flamingo :-) They were so darn cute. They were stomping around in mud puddles... It looked like they were dancing!
We had such a fun time showing Lucy around the zoo. It was a great way to spend a beautiful afternoon! I just love monkeying around with my favorite little chimp!

My mom took all these amazing pics yesterday. You can see more of her work at LSDphotography.


In this wonderful life... said...

HOW FUN!!!! Love the pics :)

Yiayia said...

I can't wait to go again with her! ~yiayia

Lisa D said...

So cute! Love it!