Monday, October 12, 2009

Good Morning Sunshine!

Hello World! My MIL was in town last week, therefore I was too busy to post... Sorry!

How lucky am I to get to see this sweet face every morning?

It has been super crazy around here lately! Lucy is really getting the hang of walking! I'm betting she will be a pro at it by Halloween. I keep trying to capture her steps on video to post for y'all, but she always gets camera shy!! I'll keep trying... Maybe tonight :-)

Speaking of Halloween, we got Luce her first Halloween costume yesterday. We have had the hardest time deciding on a costume for her, but yesterday we came across the cutest DUCK costume I've ever seen. She'll be the sweetest duck on the block, for sure! Its perfect because Lucy's first REAL word (besides Mama, Dada, Uh-Oh, and the like) was DUCK.

Everyday Lucy does something new and incredible to just blow me away! She shocked me the other day by pulling herself up on the ottoman, letting go, taking 3 steps over to her rubber ducky, picking it up and saying, "DUCK!" I almost fell over! What a big girl! Just so you know this was not a fluke... This weekend Lucy was at Borders with her YiaYia & Papou (my parents) and was looking at a picture book with Spanish words. When she turned the page to the duck, she got really excited and said, clear as day, "DUCK!" My mom said she was just amazed at how clearly she said the word! Well, of course... Lucy is a genius! ;-)

We also got Lucy a baby doll at Target yesterday. We want her to practice being sweet with it, so she is gentle with her little sister when she gets here. So far, it hasn't really worked out as planned... Yesterday she was trying to chew on the baby's head. Today, she stole the baby's binky then threw her across the room! I guess we have some practicing to do... Haha! I hope she get the hang of it before January!

I hope everyone had a fun weekend! We had a blast with family and friends! I'll post about that later. For now, just enjoy this little cutie!!


Jessica said...

We did the same thing with Sofia, buying a doll that is. She did the same as Lucy really showed no real interest other than chewing on her feet and throwing her around. By the time Zoi was born I was worried about how Sofia would treat her... and really we've just had to take it day by day. She's getting better now with her but in the beginning I had to keep Zoi mostly out of reach of Sofia. The work "Gentle" has become my favorite word!

Crystal Corona said...

So cute! I cant wait to capture pics of my little boy doing all the things babies do! Still can't believe you will have another one in January!

Hoity Toity Baby said...

They are amazing aren't they? Wait until she starts to talk! The things that Jake & Laney say are amazing!