Thursday, November 19, 2009

11 months... and 2 days!

Lucy Olivia

At 11 months she:

•Is 30.5in and still 21lbs! She's lost a little weight recently due to all the WALKING!
•Still has 6 teeth! She almost knocked one out the other day, it was tragic... I might have cried.
•Likes to stay up late (9pm) and sleep in (8:30am) - just like her momma!
•Has decided she only need 1 naps a day - a great 3.5 - 4 hour break for mom at 2ish daily.
•Doesn't understand the appeal of baby food, grown up food is so much better! 
•She loves the funniest foods, like hummus and feta cheese! Such a sophisticated little girl.
•LOVES Dora! And Ni Hao, Kai-Lan! She gets to watch one episode of each a day during breakfast.
•Has perfect rhythm. I'm not even joking. Its kinda crazy!
•Has fallen in love with plum oatmeal (oats mixed with plum puree) - LOVES it for breakfast!
•Thinks that puppies are the funniest thing on the planet - she just laughs and laugh at any dog!
•Anytime she sees a cell phone, she'll pick it up and say, "ring, ring!"
•WALKS everywhere! She doesn't crawl at all anymore - thats baby stuff!
•Still LOVES her binky! We're binky dependent - we need BA (binkies anonymous)
•Loves to sip off momma's caramel apple spice from Starbucks.
•Feeds herself now. I'm not sure how much actually gets in her mouth, but it sure is cute!
•Loves to "talk" to the baby on the Pampers box. Hilarious!
Talks up a storm - she says: Dada, Yaya (Yia yia - grandmother), Mama, Upup, Yah, Uh-oh, Hi, Ok, Dogays (dogs), Bye bye, Yeths (Yes), Baba (bottle), duck, WOW and tank you (thank you) - Her new words are benkay (binky), luve you (love you), and pri-tty (pretty)! Quite the vocabulary, this one!
•If you hand her something she will say, "tank youuu!"
•Sings when she's eating something she likes - the louder the singing, the yummier the food!
Loves to dance! She stands herself up on the ottoman and bounces up and down to the music!
•Will throw her sippy cup on the floor and shout "UH-OH!"
Stands up on her own from a seated postion!
•Waves HI! & BYE! to everyone - She's very polite!
Still wears 9-12 month clothing and is up to a size "4" infant shoes - but never keeps her shoes on!
Loves the song "Fireflies" by Owl City.
•Is wearing size 4 diapers.
Loves to read books - she loves Priddy Books: Alien Al, Charlie Monkey, Rusty Robot.
Loves her "big girl" car seat - Maxi Cosi Priori in HOT pink! ;-)
•Has developed a new love for her blankey!! She carries it around with her everywhere!
•Cheered and clapped when daddy turned on the Christmas lights - Saying "Wow wow wow!"
Thinks the Christmas tree is "pri-tty"
Is the prettiest, smartest, happiest, friendliest, most loving baby in the world!!

We are SO lucky!!
Love you so much little monkey! You will be 1yr in less than 30 days!
I can't believe how big you are :-)

*NOTE: This was a couple days late because I really wanted to upload some video of her walking! But alas, I can't find the stinking cord that attaches the video camera to the computer!! Darn it! Still looking...


In this wonderful life... said...

SUCH pretty pics!!!!

Crystal Corona said...

awwww it happened so fast!! So sweet.