Friday, December 18, 2009

Lucy Lulu's First Birthday Party!

Lulu turned ONE yesterday! I can't even believe it! She is such a big girl!!
Last Saturday, Kyle and I threw Lucy her very first birthday party! She was the absolute belle of the ball and had a great time. They party was fantastic!! The house was super festive and all decorated for Christmas!
We had all of our closest friends and family (50+ in my little house, eee!!) over to celebrate our little girl's big day. My little sister even made it in town, it was PERFECT!
Lucy wore the most precious birthday dress. It was hot pink and poofey, just the way I like my dresses! And, of course, she has a HUMONGOUS hot pink bow to match! She looked like such a doll.
We had a delicious feast including: brisket sliders, green bean bundles, warm artichoke dip, cheese and fruit, salad, cherry chutney with cream cheese dip, and more! There wasn't much left over :-)
We had tons of sweets too! It was a birthday party, after all! We had 100 mini cupcakes, a mountain of chocolate cake balls, and the most ADORABLE birthday cake I have ever seen! It matched her invitations :-) It tasted incredible too!
Lucy gave out beautiful iced sugar cookies for her party favors! She was such a thoughtful hostess :-)
Lucy had a great time blowing out her candle and noshing on some delicious cake! She loved everyone singing to her! She cheered at the end of "Happy Birthday!"
She got so many amazing gifts from all her friends and family! She really liked the wrapping paper too :-)
It was a very exciting LOOONG night for our little big girl...
It was time to change in to our jam jams! New ones from mommy's bestie, Katie :-)
Oh, and maybe eat a cupcake...
And check out her cool new toys!
I'm pretty sure it was the best night of Lucy's little life, so far :-) She had such a great time! Thank you so much to everyone who helped us celebrate! It was truly a magical night!!


In this wonderful life... said...

Love all the pics!!! The party was so much fun!!! Glad Lulu had a happy birthday!!!!

Katie Mentzel said...

what a great party! i've been dying to see the pics ever since megs mentioned she went to the party! That Lucy is a DOLL!

Crystal Corona said...

awwwwwww! Little girl dresses are so cute.

tara said...

hey jessica! where do i begin?! looks like lucy had the best b/day!! do you guys call her lulu too??? :) that is also one of our luci's names! :) i simply adore your last photo and think you should blow that one up... BIG! love her say please tea set, luciana got that one from santa this year. what is that adorable mouse toy?? must know! ha! i also really *love* her gorgeous birthday dress! could i find it online by any chance? last question, what setting did you use to take the beautiful shot of your Christmas tree? That one looks magical! Your tree and mine are SO similiar in colors, festive and bright! :)