Saturday, December 5, 2009

Merry Christmas to Mommy!

Do you remember this post? Its the one about the Easy Walker Duo I ordered when we first found out we were having another baby. Well it came... It was huge... I was overwhelmed... And I took it back. So, I started hunting once again for the perfect doubles stroller for my Irish Twins!

Luckily, I have Ding Bats and Nicole :-) After much debate, discussion, and even a several hour training class with Dave, the spunky Phil&Ted's rep, I decided on the Phil&Ted's Vibe + Doubles Kit. And OH, how I love it!
I absolutely love this stroller and its many options. It is perfect for me, my size, and my lifestyle! Thank you Phil&Ted's for an awesome product :-) Here's why I love it:

Its like four strollers in one! Because the doubles kit is detachable, you have the option of it being just a single stroller when the need be. Which is awesome as I know there will be times when I have just one of the girls. Here are the four positions:

As you can see it really grows with your family! On average, a family with 2 children will buy 4 different strollers in the early years of raising the kids. With the Vibe, you only need the one! YAY! You can also you with Maxi Cosi car seat with the Vibe, which was a must have feature in and stroller I looked at. You place the car seat up front and the toddler in the back.

And, of course, the design is awesome! It looks super cool, hip, and not like everyone else's stroller. These things are important :-)

Lucy thinks its so cool! Its her BIG girl stroller and she knows it. She looks super cool riding around in it!

I have to say, this thing rocks my world! If you are in the market for a new stroller, single or double, I totally recommend this one!


In this wonderful life... said...

Now this looks awesome!!! Gosh, I know who I'm going to call when I need help picking this out!!!

Crystal Corona said...

I have seen a few strollers like this over here!!! THEY ARE WAY COOL! not sure if its the same one, but its crazy to see a kid sitting in the under part like that! It makes me smile when I see it. Have you seen this attachment that goes on the back of some where the kid cad ride on it? It has wheels and a little platform. I need to get one for my German stroller before we leave Germany.

Savvy Gal said...

i have to pass this to my friend.