Friday, December 18, 2009


Lucy Olivia
At 1 (ONE) year she:

•Is 31in and still 22lbs!
•Still has 6 teeth! She is trying to cut 2 new ones on the bottom :-(
•Likes to stay up late (9pm) and sleep in (8:30am) - just like her momma!
•Back to 2 naps a day! One 3 hr nap at 10am and a short 45 min nap at 5.
•Is almost completely transitioned to grown up food - Still eats baby meats, she doesn't like big girl meats. 

•Her favorite thing in the world is Cheerios... and crackers - She loves her carbs :-)
•LOVES Dora! And Ni Hao, Kai-Lan! She gets to watch one episode of each a day during breakfast.

•Has perfect rhythm. I'm not even joking. Its kinda crazy!
•Favorite new oatmeal - Vanilla & Apple puree mixed with oats
•Loves to snuggle with her puppies - Cashie likes it, Junsie... not so much!
•Loves to steal cell phones, hold them up to her ear and sa, "Hi Dada!" and "Bu-Bye!"
•Has decided that walking just doesn't get her around fast enough... She runs now.
•Still LOVES her binky! We're binky dependent - we need BA (binkies anonymous)
•Loves to sip off momma's Hot Chocolate!
•Feeds herself now. I'm not sure how much actually gets in her mouth, but it sure is cute!

•Loves to play with other kids! She is sooo social... I wonder where she gets that :-)
Talks up a storm - she says: Dada, Yaya (Yia yia - grandmother), Mama, Upup, Yah, Uh-oh, Hi, Ok, Dogays (dogs), Bye bye, Yeths (Yes), Baba (bottle), duck, WOW and tank you (thank you) - Her new words are bah (binky), luve you (love you), and pri-tty (pretty)! Quite the vocabulary, this one!
•If you hand her something she will say, "tank youuu!"
•Has come up with her own language - She is constantly babbling, its adorable!
•Sings when she's eating something she likes - the louder the singing, the yummier the food!
Loves to dance! She marches in place to the beat... She is so proud of herself! 
•Will throw her sippy cup on the floor and shout "UH-OH!"
•Waves HI! & BYE! to everyone - She's very polite!
Still wears 12-18 month clothing and is up to a size "4" infant shoes
•Is wearing size 4 diapers.
Loves to read books - she loves Priddy Books: Alien Al, Charlie Monkey, Rusty Robot.
Loves her "big girl" car seat - Maxi Cosi Priori in HOT pink! ;-)
•Has developed a new love for her blankey!! She carries it around with her everywhere!
•Love to decorate the Christmas tree. I have found her Baby Bandz sunglasses and her Dora doll stuck on it!!
Thinks the Christmas tree is "pri-tty"
Is the prettiest, smartest, happiest, friendliest, most loving baby in the world!!
We are SO lucky!!

Love you so much little monkey! You are ONE year old!
I can't believe how big you are :-)

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Crystal Corona said...

Happy BIRTH day to you Jessica and Happy One Year to Lucky Lucy Olivia! Such a cutie.