Tuesday, February 9, 2010

How do you help?

In my city there have been some major changes in Law Enforcement. Tons of fruitless negotiations ending in many lay offs. So disappointing. But it got me thinking about the men and women that keep us safe. The police and fire department are the obvious people that we think of first, but they are just one link in a long chain of people that keep the streets safe for all of us.

I am blessed to have one of these "links" in my life. He is a AUSA (Assistant U.S. Attorney), which is a really cool job, just so you know! (For his safety and security, I can not put his name or relationship to me on the internet.) He prosecutes violent crime offenders and drug dealers. Everyday he fights to put the bad guys in jail! I don't know about you, but with two little girls running around, I think that what he does is absolutely invaluable.

Here is some background information:

AUSAs are trying to get a bill passed to increase their retirement benefits. The AUSAs currently receive about $20,000 less retirement a year than other Law Enforcement Officers. Less that police, park rangers, border patrol, and even food service handlers in prisons, just to name a few. The bill the ASUAs are trying to get passed will not cost us anything. That's the best part. The money that will pay out the increase in retirement for the AUSAs will come from restitution. In other words, from assets seized from the criminals and drug dealers they place behind bars! <- Sounds pretty good to me!!

I already made the phone calls, and it was super easy, I hope you take 5 minutes of your time to help out these brave men and women! Thank you in advance for your help!

 He helps us everyday by putting scary people behind bars and now he needs your help! Here is how: (letter generated for AUSAs to distribute)

To My Relatives and Friends –

Can you please help me? Can you make three quick calls to Congress? Each call will only take one minute of your time. It's very easy, even if you have never done it. Here's what to do and why.

As you know I work as an Assistant U.S. Attorney at the U.S. Attorney's Office, a job I am proud to have.

Our community of Assistant U.S. Attorneys across the country is trying to get a bill in Congress passed that will provide us with a better retirement benefit. The same benefit is already being provided to law enforcement officers because of the dangers they face. Assistant U.S. Attorneys face the same risks everyday. Proecutors have been shot, stabbed, assulted, and threatened in the line of duty. We believe we deserve the same retitrement benefit. And our bill is self-funded, menaing it won't cost taxpayers a dime.

The trick to getting a bill passed in Congress is getting lawmakers to know that their constituents want them to pass it. No bill gets passed without support. HERE'S WHERE I NEED YOUR HELP.

Please CALL your Representative and two Senators as soon as you can. You can reach each lawmaker's office through the Capitol Switchboard at: 202-224-3121.

Tell the receptionist in the lawmaker's office answering the phone these 4 things:

• You are a constituent.
• You are calling your Representative to urge cosponsorship of H.R. (House Representative) 4091, the "Enhanced Financial Restitution and Equitable Retirement Treatment Act of 2009." (When calling your Senators, urge them to cosponsor S. (Senate) 2786. It has the same name.)
• This bill will assist the Department of Justice to collect judgements and restitution and provide fairness in the retirement benefits of Assistant U.S. Attorneys.
• Thank the lawmakers for his/her support.

Thank you for making these three calls. My family and I really, really appreciate you help on this. It makes a huge difference to us and our counterparts who are helping to serve our country in the cause of justice.


In this wonderful life... said...

good info!! Very important!

Ella said...

There is such a complex web of people keep us safe. I have a similar job in Australia and it is amazing to see the benefits and renumeration of colleagues in private practice compared to we government lawyers. Lawyers in these passion positions should be commended for persevering through lousy and often dangerous conditions.

Anonymous said...

I'll make the calls tomorrow!

Hoity Toity Baby said...

How are the girls doing?