Monday, April 26, 2010

My Little Helper.

It is no secret that I HATE housework. Good thing for my husband, or we would probably live like those people in Hoarders...

Well, not really but I've always had a flair for the dramatics :-)

Every Sunday, kicking and screaming, I help Kyle clean the house. I generally get stuck in one room for hours, while he does the rest... I rock. Anyway, yesterday, we had a little helper. She was awesome at dusting! She didn't even knock EVERYTHING over while "helping," either. And by didn't, I mean she did. EVERYTHING. But gosh darn, it was cute :-)

I hope everyone had a loverly weekend. We sure did! 

We got to hang out with our favs, Brent & Megan a couple times, which is always enjoyable! They are moving into Brent's grandmother's house right now, which is just down the street from us! WEEEEE SO HAPPY.

Last night we had some friends over for burgers. It was oh so fun. I had one to many Pimms, and kinda don't feel so awesome today. Good thing the midgets are being extra adorable :-)


Adie said...

That is sweet! Mine likes to dust too! Hope you are feeling better! ;)

lissied said...

You don't know me, i am a nanny in New York, but my boss' friend turned her on to your blog when she was pregnant and she showed it to me recently. her little girl is currently 8 months old and until two months ago had the same little green pod chair thing as your daughter until one day, not long after learning how to roll over she flipped herself right out of it, almost hitting her head on a marble door stop. So i just wanted you to be advised that your little one might try the same.