Friday, April 16, 2010

Why so serious?

What could be capturing this little one's attention so intently? 

 What could she possibly be so focused on?

Why, her potty DVD, that's what! That's right ladies and gentleman (there's only one of you :-) ha!) I am attempting to potty train the monkey. She has been telling me when she is wet and/or has a poo for about a month now, so I think its time to start trying! We got her a potty DVD from Huggies (we are a Pampers family, but Lucy loves this DVD) which she is mesmerized by (clearly), we rock out to the Potty Dance, and she even has her very own Wee Pod! So far, she seems to think the Wee Pod is the Wonder Pets "fly boat" and not so much a potty chair... Oh well! We'll get there :-)

1 comment:

Sarah said...

Hi!! I found you through Megan's blog! I read some of your blog posts and feel like we are living the same life...haha, oh life with a toddler!!!

Huggies Big Kid Central! We got it in the mail last week and I'm pretty sure we have watched it at least 30 times!

Your girls are beautiful! Glad I found your blog!