Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bloggy Award!

So my new bloggy friend, Emily, gave me my FIRST blog award today! Wow that certainly made me smile after the day I have had... Whew, it was whacky!

First, lets talk about how my house nearly caught on fire today...

It was a rare moment in my house hold where I actually had a moment to myself. Lucy was eating her lunch and Penny was asleep, so I snuck away to go do my make-up. I had no more than started my foundation when the power started flickering on and off. And on and off, and on and of... Like Poltergeist style, seriously. I went to go look out the front door to see if the transformer was going to blow, when I heard some snap, crackle, pops and my dogs going NUTS in the backyard. Off I go to investigate. Oh, and no big deal, the power lines were on fire, that's all...

I ran inside (with the dogs) and grabbed the girls and my cell phone and called 911. While I am talking to the fire department the freaking power lines snap and explode and land in the yard! The fireman show up and naturally they are super good looking, and I don't have on any make-up... Or a bra. They check things out and call PSO to come fix the lines. By now, my dad had shown up to help me wrangle the girls and dogs so we can go over to my parents house since we don't have any power. The fireman mistake my DAD for my HUSBAND... Ew. And I still don't have a bra on.

The firemen say they will stay until PSO gets there to make sure nothing else happens, so the girls and I leave to head over to my parents. Once I get them settled there, I returned back to my house to get somethings and check on the situation... And the firemen ;-) When I get back I find the firemen fighting a FIRE! My neighbors shed had caught on fire from a spark! CRAZY!!!

We finally have power again and hopefully things will settle down a little bit... But I doubt it seeing as my baby sister is getting MARRIED on Saturday! :-)

And now on to the good part of my day...

Emily could not have picked a better day to give me an award! What a sweetie!! Thank you so much :-) Emily and I were both Thetas... Different schools and different years, but Thetas all the same!

I would like to pass this award on to:

Megan - of course, because she's super fab and I love her :-)
Katie - because she always makes me laugh with her comments, and Molly is stinkin' cute.
Lindsey - because she is so nice and I miss her, and she was a Theta!
Erin - because she has the CUTEST little girl, Vivi, with the sweetest smile. Oh, and she was a Theta too!

The only rules are:
You have to pass it on!
Also, link back to the person who gave it to you so we can keep visiting new GREAT blogs!


Patrice said...

Wow what a story! I'm so glad your house was ok! Congrats on your first bloggy award, so exciting! :)

In this wonderful life... said...

glad you all are okay!!!! that story did make me giggle! thanks for the award!!! :) I will post it!

Lindsey said...

Oh, wow your day sounds very exciting. I hate to laugh at your expense, but your story was so intriguing that I had to laugh out loud a little bit. :) I might finally be making a trip to Tulsa this Saturday, but of course, Olivia is getting married! I'll try to reschedule! Tell Olivia I said congrats and I wish her all the best!!

johannaknip said...

I might be laughing a little. I might. And I refuse to believe you were anything but perfectly made up. With a bra.

Rachel said...

Hi! I saw your link on Emily's blog (she gave me this award too!). I was reading your post and saw you were a was I! Small world!


The Kimbells said...

Thanks for the Bloggy! Wish I was as good of a blogger as you are, I don't know where you find the time with 2!

Katie M said...

ok so this is so delayed :) they turned my commenting off at work and it's totally annoying haha. Thanks for the award! aren't you just a sweetie!

And i was freaking out about your fire story. That's some crazy shiz!

OOO and we MIGHT be coming your way next weekend for the day to hit up the aquarium! Let me know if y'all have anything going on!