Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My Little Olivia.

My darling baby sister was married on Saturday!

(sophia • LSDPhotography)

I have been searching for the right things to say about her here on the ol' blog, and the words just aren't coming. I think I said it best in the toast I gave at the reception, so I think I'll just post that. I love that girl more than I could ever express in words, but here's the best I could do...


As most of you know, Olivia and I share the same birthday, two years apart.  So, from the moment she was born we have held a bond with each other in all things.  There is not one memory I have from my childhood that Olivia is not a part of. As her sister, I know her better than anyone in the world and it is my highest honor to call her my best friend.
Olivia is intelligent, reliable, considerate and gentle. However, her first sentence to me would lead you to believe otherwise.  When we were 2 and 4, Olivia was convinced my name was “Whatty.” Being the bright young lady she was, she derived that this was my name because when I would call out “Mommy!” our mom would respond with, “Whatty?” So, as an older sister will often do, I was torturing Olivia over some toy and her final words over ownership of the toy was “Me. Kick. You. In. Butt. Whatty!” Eventually, she learned that my name was Jessica, and despite that brief set back, we have remained extremely close over the years. I could not have asked for a better sister in my life and I feel so lucky that my two daughters have such a wonderful Aunt. Olivia, people will tell you that you have never looked more beautiful than you do on your wedding day… But to me, you are this beautiful everyday. I will always be here for you and I love you more than you will ever know.   

We have been blessed to be sisters. And, we have been even luckier to have such wonderful parents. Our parents have given their time, their tears, and certainly their money to make sure that Olivia and I were taken care of. As I look at how beautiful this wedding is and how magical our childhood was, I am overwhelmed with gratitude that I can stand here and talk about the amazing woman Olivia has become because of the efforts of our Mom and Dad. We love you and thank you so much for being incredible parents.   

And, as Olivia is now part of a new family, we welcome Bob to become a part of ours. Bob is the perfect match for Olivia, and I am so happy they found each other. Bob is intelligent, charming, and considerate in a way that both compliments his wife and makes you respect him on his own merits. He comes from a wonderful family and has integrated himself well into ours. I am very happy that Bob is now my brother-in-law. I wish nothing more than for Olivia and Bob to have an amazing life together. 

So, with that being said I will offer a few pieces of advice about marriage that I have learned along the way…   

• Remember, Bob, that sometimes watching “Dancing with the Stars” is a fair trade off for the eight straight hours of college football on Saturdays.
•Remember, Olivia, that Bob does understand that Texas Tech losing is not the really the end of the world. It just feels like it at the moment. 
• Travel and explore the world together. If you can survive airport terminals, lost luggage and your reservation being under the wrong name in a foreign country, there is nothing you can’t accomplish as a couple. 
• Kiss as often as you can. There is nothing sweeter than a brief moment that only the two of you can share.  Especially after you have kids! 
• Remember to call each other in the middle of the day, just to say, “I love you.”
• Find your own traditions. Your marriage will be stronger for the things you make time to do with each other. 
• Understand that today is the first day of a beautiful journey for the two of you. Olivia, you will find yourself falling in love with Bob all over again on some random afternoon while he’s just mowing the lawn. Bob, you will be over come with emotion on some random evening just looking at Olivia. So, always be growing in your love for each other. It makes the journey so much more worthwhile.   

Today we celebrate the two of you as you start your life together. And, above all things, I wish you both a lifetime of love, luck, health and happiness. Here’s to Bob and Olivia!!


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In this wonderful life... said...

so sweet!!

Sarah said...

That was beautiful!!

Sweet Simplicity said...

This is the sweetest toast! You did a great job writing it. Her picture is gorgeous!

Katie M said...

TEAR! what an amazing toast. So eloquent and dear

Crystal Corona said...

That was soo beautiful! I have missed your blog! (I have been away for a while) I cant imagine how much sweeter it was on the night of!