Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Daddy-O Day

Its no secret around here that we love daddy. Everyday when he gets home from work, Lucy goes running to the door straight into his arms. Penny lights up with her best smile every time she sees him! He's a good daddy, I think we'll keep him around :)

The girls and I got up girls GOT me up extra early and I made french toast, rosemary potatoes, and fresh strawberries for breakfast (after 1 3 cups of coffee). It was delish if I do say so myself!

After breakfast and some World Cup watching, we headed over to my grandparents house for lunch and watermelon (Lucy loves herself some watermelon!)

We hung out in the pool.

The boys had a BIG SPLASH contest.

Lucy figured out the watering hose... And sprayed everyone :)

We swam and swam.

Penny took a little snooze in the pool. It was "womby." bahahaha

Lucy went down the slide for the first time!

And off the diving board!!

Over and...

...Over again!

Penny hung out... Just being adorable.

And Lucy was, well, Lucy and made a complete mess out of her new suit! Love her :)

The girls crashed out on the way home before we even pulled out of the drive way. So, hubs and I got to take a little napper ourselves! Success!!

It was a good day!

Oh and we got to hang out with this guy... Which is always a good time ;)

Yep, that's my daddy! Doing his best David Cook (or Swoops as dad called him) impression. The origin of this picture is an ENTIRE post all on its own. I might get around to posting it if I ever stop laughing :D

Please go check out my guest post on Megan's blog! Do what you can to help :)


Erica said...

Cute! Love the baby's suit and hat:-)

lindsey and jeremy said...

I am a follower of Megan's blog and I decided to check yours out when i saw the guest post. I have t say that I love,love, love your header! I have a little 5 month old boy named Jude. Just thought I would let you know.


Lindsey said...

How fun! And what a gourmet chef you are. Adeline has the same suit as Lucy!

Sweet Simplicity said...

That breakfast looks amazing!

Carrie said...

I found your blog through Megan's and have literally been dying laughing reading some of your post! Love it! Funny girl!

...::Heather @ Mrs. Southern Bride::... said...

That breakfast looks so good! :)

Michelle @ Flying Giggles said...

That looks like so much fun! My little Chloe has the same bathing suit!