Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sleep = Good

Scene: Its 5:30 am and both my girls are looking a little bit like this

These are not your standard "Where is my blankie?" "I lost my binky!" "I'm hungry!" cries... These are the full blown, "My head is going to exploded!" cries.

Well, being as I have not slept (well) in a little over 2 years, I cave too easily in this instance. Grabbing one under one arm and the other under the other arm, I trudged back into my room, half asleep. Plop the boogers in my bed causing them to be fast asleep before I even get under the covers.

And there we remain... until 8:30, when Lucy wants "JUICE!!!!!"


Steph said...

That is an adorable story :) Your children are beautiful! I saw this blog from the Send Love to Cohen blog. Waiting anxiously for an update...wondering if he arrived safely yesterday and is in NICU? It is awesome of you to start that blog for them, they will be so busy from here on out - what an amazing story, I am an interested blogger for sure :) Take care!

Steph said...

Just saw all the posts - for some reason the blogs didn't refres on my computer until I restarted! Ugh. So glad he is here! Praise the Lord. Thanks!!!