Sunday, June 13, 2010

Its So Nice to Meet You!

You have read a lot about my girls, my shop, and my dogs... But what about me?

Hi! I'm Jessica. I live in Oklahoma with my hubs, Kyle, my two midgets, Lucy & Penny, and my fur babies, June & Cash. I'm rounding out my 20s and have had a blast doing it. Most people who know me will tell you I am a bit of a goof. I think my hubs married me for my really terrible rockin' awesome dance moves and pitchy brilliant singing voice.

Before Kyle (B.K.) I was a frat guy Theta, who had too much fun. I was voted biggest flirt and all my friends knew I would be the last one of the group married. In fact, they thought I would be the 60 year old suga momma with a team of Latin pool boys. But in he walked, with his "Spin the Bottle" belt buckle, and it was all over for me. Whew, that boy make me weak in the knees.

I love my babies more than anything. They are constantly entertaining me. Lucy is just like me as a child, which is awesome and terrifying all at the same time. Penny literally makes my heart swell everytime she smiles, which is all the time. Both my girls look just like their daddy, which make me happy. I get to see him every time I look at them. Plus he makes a really pretty girl ;-)

I am a good friend. I'll do anything to make my friends happy. I love all of my friends so much. I don't have a ton of them, but the ones I do have are the greatest. If you are my friend, you know I have your back. Sometimes, I'm too generous with my time, but I know that my friends appreciate it, so it makes it all the worthwhile. (pic from 6/5/10)

I did one of those stupid "25 Things About Yourself" and I think it sums me up pretty well... ENJOY!

1. I am the oldest 26 year old ever. I'm about 47 and I'm strangely okay with it. I drive a Volvo, go to bed early, and after 3 glasses of wine I'm totally drunk.

2. I love, love, love my husband and my 2 Goldens, June and Cash, but the loves of my life are my Lucy & Penny. They are the most perfect things ever.

3. I was a frat guy in college. My best friends (the friendom) and I totally rocked several dudes lives. Once we stole this guy's BMW, then broke into his house and threw a party.

4. For years my best friend, Lane, and I only referred to each other as Chef Hot Buns and Chef Mmm... She was Mmmm, I was Mmmm and together we were MmmMmm Good.

5. I might as well be Mango's "personal doctor."

6. I have more best friends than you. Clayton always gets flustered when I talk about my high school best friend, my childhood best friend, my college best friends, my all time best friend, and my family best friend... see, more than you.

7. I have a rockin' nanny. She helps me with Lucy & Penny 3 days a week and is a total life saver. Her name is Auntie KK.

8. I'm really lucky to be able to take my daughters to work with me. Working for the fam definitely has its perks.

9. My sister and I have the same birthday. And we're not twins. She was born on my second birthday. She interrupted my "clown" party so my mom got me a dump truck toy to make up for it. I loved it and love my baby sis. She holds the all time best friend title.

10. I have had 8 cars. My dad is determined to get me in the safest car on the road, so each one has been a step up on the safety scale. They went as follows: Old school BMW, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Ford Expedition, Land Rover Discovery, BMW 325i, Mercury Mariner, the Volvo Wagon,  and finally the Volvo XC90.

11. Speaking of cars, I am obsessed with naming my cars... Their names as follows: 1st BMW - Puck, Grand Cherokee - Alejandro, Expedition - the EX-spy, Discovery - the Death Trap, 325i - Sebastian, Mariner - Cap't Jack, the wagon - King Leonidas, and the XC90 - Simon.

12. I met my best friend from college the 1st day of rush. She thought I was really chill, she was wrong... but we've been best friends ever since.

13. My entire freshman and sophomore years at college, people thought my name was Alice. My grandmother had gotten confused and thought I was my aunt Alice once... I told that story to Katie and she started introducing me as Alice... it stuck.

14. I really one have one friend from high school. She is still one of my best friends to this day.

15. I have an irrational fear of little people. I get really anxious around them. I realize that they can't help being a midget, which makes me feel really terrible for being scared of them, which in turn, makes me even more anxious. I hyperventilate if I'm around one for too long. I feel like a terrible person for this.

16. I love the ocean and could swim in it all day long. But I am very afraid of sting rays. I went to "Sting Ray City" in the Caymans once and almost died.

17. I have been to more foreign countries that states.

18. When I was in second grade I told my teacher I wanted to be a Brain Surgeon on a Space Ship when I grew up. She said, "Do you know how much school you will have to go to for that?" I got my degree in Fashion Merchandising instead.

19. My husband is my hero! I love the fact that he is very protective of me, makes me feel safe!

20. Every time I get a spray tan, I turn ridiculously dark. Kyle calls me his Nubian Princess.

21. Beverly Hills, 90210 is my favorite show ever. The old one. I watch re-runs everyday. For your viewing pleasure:

22. On the topic of 90210... I dream in 90210. Often times I am caught in a love triangle between Brandon and Dylan... Which I guess makes me Kelly.

23. I have an uncanny ability to remember people's zip codes. Its weird... I know this.

24. My hubby and I went to Liverpool 2 Aprils ago and had a BLAST! 9 months later, Lucy was born. We named her Lucy after that trip. The trend continued with Penny Lane.

25. I have little to no patience for people being late. It absolutely drives me crazy! But I am never on time myself.

Its nice to meet you! Tell me about yourself...


Crystal Corona said...

That was very cute. I remember you being called Alice. It was so confusing when there were two names going around and I had no idea what we were supposed to call you. When is that pic from?

Sarah said...

LOVE this post!!

Sweet Simplicity said...

It was great to learn about you! Although the pics of your little girls are always great! :)

Newlywed Next Door said...

I've been reading your "Send Love to Cohen" updates and I kept reading about Penny and Lucy on Megan's blog -- but when I read this post I totally cracked up. I too was a crazy sorority and I can definitely picture you in college. You and your hubs and girls are totally adorable! "following" you now :)