Thursday, July 8, 2010

5 Months - a Little Late

Penny Lane

•Is 23.75in (90%) and 13.8lbs(37%)!
•Sleeps 9pm - 9:30am - waking up once to eat at 5:30am. Then straight back to sleep She's a sleeper like momma!
•Sleeps in her big girl crib in the girls room! Lucy & Penny are roomies, now!
•Love her tummy time!

•Scoots everywhere! I'll put her down in one spot and seconds later she's halfway across the room!
•Drinks formula & eats oatmeal, green beans and LOVES strawberries!

•Sits up on her own if we set her up. She tries really hard to sit up on her own but can't quite yet :)
•LOVES to watch her sister play. Giggles for all!

•Is the happiest baby ever! LOVE to smile and giggle!
•Loves to listen to music.
•Love to jump in her bouncy seat. She thinks its hilarious!
•Loves to be outside!

•Love to be in the pool :-) 
•Has 2 teeth that have poked through!!
•Fits into 3mo outfits! 
•Still fits in new born size shoes!
•Is still wearing size 1 diapers.
Is the prettiest, smartest, happiest, friendliest, most loving baby in the world!! Just like her sister :-)

We are SO lucky!!

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Sarah said...

What a little pnut :)
My girl is a sleeper too, it's the best :)

Rachel said...

She is so precious!

Rachel said...

She is so precious!

Sweet Simplicity said...

This picture is adorable!!

K said...

She's absolutely adorable!!

Adie said...

So sweet! Happy 5 months!