Tuesday, July 13, 2010

An Open Letter...

Dear Oreo Cakesters -

Please get out of my life. Your constant presence in my pantry has cause a major stall in my post pregnancy weight-loss. Your fluffy cakey-ness is all but irresistible to me. For this reason, I hate you. I hate you, very much. Until that moment when you cross my lips... At that moment I adore you. But that moment is fleeting and its back to hate.

And by hate you, I really mean love you. (site)

                        xo - Jessica

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Sweet Simplicity said...

So, I shouldn't serve oreo cakesters on Friday?? hahaha.I hope you can make it!

Adventures of Two Harts said...

those things are the bomb! and the one hundred calorie packs- while they may be good- are not the same~!

In this wonderful life... said...

I haven't had these in forever...I think I should.. on my carb/sugar cheat day...ya know, when I ever I start that, haha.