Thursday, July 15, 2010

Vibin' with My Vibe

Do you remember THIS post? I wrote about my love affair with the Phil&Ted's Vibe Stroller + Doubles Kit way back when I first got it. Is the love affair ongoing? Does it still make me happy all the way to my core?? Well, let me tell ya...

Review of Phil&Ted's Vibe + Doubles Kit... Almost a Year Later.

Like I mentioned in my previous post, the Vibe  is like four strollers in one! Because the doubles kit is detachable, you have the option of it being just a single stroller when the need be. And just as I predicted there have been times that I only had one of the girls and only need a single stroller. Super convenient to just pop the jump seat off and strap the midget in the upper deck seat. This is nice as I don't have to mess with taking a double stroller out of my car and replacing it with a single stroller just to run into Target. It takes about 5 seconds to detach the jump seat. The entire stroller can be folded down with the jump seat attached. So I generally just leave the seat on all the time and take it of when I need to. (site)

The Vibe is designed for a growing family. Its four position capabilities make it it compatible with most of your kiddo-riding needs. On average, a family with 2 children will buy 4 different strollers in the early years of raising the kids. I can completely attest to this fact. Before Penny Lane, we had the Quinny Buzz, which I L-O-V-E-D. But it does not have a doubles kit and Quinny does not make a double stroller... So the hunt began for a double. Like I said in my other post, I originally bought a side-by-side double that was super massive and overwhelming. Had I stuck with the side-by-side, I would have also had to purchase a compact single to leave in my car. The Quinny and side-by-side would not both fit, even in my SUV.

Lets talk about the design for just a minute. I am a sucker for anything that is beautifully designed. The Vibe is just that. Its cool and innovative. Two things I adore :) Its sleek all black design fits my style great. But if you wanted to add some color you can switch out the seat cushions for a pop! (site)

The question I get most about the Vibe is, "What about poor Penny?!? Doesn't she hate it in the back?" The answer is, no, she doesn't! She doesn't mind it at all! First of all, at this point, she is too little to care. But once she's older, she won't know any different, so it won't really matter. Plus, you have to start thinking like a kid to really answer that question. I remember back to when I was little and my parents had a Land Rover. It had two pull down jump seats in the way back. They faced each other and were basically plastic with a tee-tiny bit of cushion on them; SUPER uncomfortable. But where did my sis and I always want to sit? In the jump seats, of course. Cause that's what kids do... They like the little cubbies to hide in, or the cool jump seat in the way back of the car, or the secret seat on the back of the stroller! She likes it back there. And she's napping most of the time anyway :)

So do I still love it? The answer is yes. I do still adore my Vibe + Doubles Kit. For me, my girls, and my life style, it just works. Its great for some one my size and its not heavy at all. (site)

Plus the girls look pretty darn hip ridin' around in their Vibe + Doubles Kit. And isn't that whats really important? Looking hip?

As with anything, I do have a couple thing I'm not 100% crazy about. There is not a sun shade for the jump seat. I had to get a stroller parasol to clip on the back for when I go walking with the girls. Otherwise, poor little Penny Lane isn't protected from the sun (see the pic above, its pink). Not a huge deal since the parasol works just fine, but I think its a element they over looked in the design. Also, the attachment for the Maxi Cosi car seat is STILL not available from Phil&Ted's. That was really annoying when Penny was a new born. I would have to get her out of the car seat and into the stroller every time instead of just popping the car seat and baby, et al, on the stroller. This is no longer an issue as Penny has outgrown riding around in her car seat other than when she's actually in the car. The Phil&Ted's rep assures me the attachments are coming soon... We'll see. Other travel system attachments ARE currently available, such as the Chicco Keyfit, Graco SnugRide, and Peg Perego Viaggio. So, unless you have a Maxi Cosi Mico, like me, you set!

All in all, I DO recommend the Vibe + Doubles Kit to anyone who is in the market for a stroller that grows with your family. It has a been a good fit for my family, maybe it will be for yours? I'd like to hear what you think!
You can get the Vibe + Doubles Kit at Ding-Bats!

NOTE: These are my opinions and I have not been compensated in anyway for them. I realize everyone has their own opinions... And I'd love to hear them :)


Ashley said...

So I call it the "way back" too, and my husband always makes fun of me bc he's never heard anyone else say that! haha :) I noticed your stroller in your aquarium pics and thought it was so different. And now I want to look into getting one, if not now, then definitely when we have a second baby

Crystal Corona said...

you have sooo many followers now. I do remember this post! We still use our carseat for Roman when we go out and he is 8 months!!!

Michelle @ Flying Giggles said...

I have a Phil and Teds Sport and I love it, but now that Chloe is getting older, I think I need to change to a side by side. She does not like sitting in the back as much because she does not get the full view.

K said...

I've seen a few of those around, it does look really cute and hip. I'd worry that the kid in the back would get bored not being able to see out front but like you said - I guess they get used to what they know. I really like the idea of switching it from a single to a double, or vice versa, in just seconds!

Leah-in-the-Kia said...

Hi, my name is Leah and I live in Australia. My sister has one of these and so does my friend. They LOVE them, if I had my time over I would buy one as well. As far as the shade for the back seat, my sister bought a black and white spotted shade ( her pram is red) that fits perfectly on the back gap bit when the baby is is the newborn lay down bit and the toddler is on the seat on the front and it also fits the 2 seats when the pram is in the position like you have your girls in. The shade goes over the top of the little seat of the back. Does that make sense??LOL She got it from ETSY I think, a lady makes them, and it looks great on the pram

Emily said...

u have convinced me that I need one!! I must have one when I get pg again!!!

Anonymous said...

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