Sunday, August 29, 2010

7 (Seven) Months!

Penny Lane

At 7 months Penny...

• Is 25.5in (90%) and 15lbs (37%)!
• Sleeps 9pm - 8:30am - Dream feeds at 11pm and sleeps straight through the night!
• Sleeps in her big girl crib in the girls' room!  
• Crawls everywhere! And she's fast! She likes to chase the broom when I sweep.
• Drinks 4-5 formula bottles a day.

• Sits up on he own.
• LOVES to play with her sister. Lucy has figured out she's a playmate and LOVES it!

• Is the happiest baby ever! LOVE to smile and giggle!
• Pulls up on everything to stand. She is very strong and is starting to cruise a little bit... Oh, no!
• Loves to listen to music.
• Said her first word!! "Da-da!" Daddy was ecstatic!
• Eats EVERYTHING! She has such a good appetite. She loves salmon! Ha!
• Love to jump in her bouncy seat. She thinks its hilarious!
• Loves to be outside!

• Love to be in the pool :-) 
• Has 2 teeth!!
• Fits into 6mo outfits! 
• Still fits in size 1 shoes!
• Is wearing size 2 diapers.
Is the prettiest, smartest, happiest, friendliest, most loving baby in the world!! Just like her sister :-)

We are SO lucky!!


Jen @ said...

Hi Jessica!

I would love to hold a fundraiser to help Megan @ In This Wonderful Life. I know you emailed me earlier, but I can't track down your email address. Will you email me -- I have a few questions and wanted to get your thoughts on a few ideas.


Erin said...

Our little peanuts were born one day apart. What a cutie . . well both of your girls are :)

Perfectly Imperfect said...

she's gorgeous!! and so tiny! bg is much bigger than her and two months younger. or maybe my child is just big =)

Emily said...

happy seven months sweet, precious little girl:) She is just a doll!!

Our Baby "D" said...

Beautiful baby blues Penny! I absolutely love the song Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds and when I saw your blog name linked on "In This Wonderful Life" after following Megan, Brent, & Cohen because I too have PCOS, I was intrigued. Your daughters are ADORABLE! :)