Monday, August 9, 2010


Thank you all for your comments and emails of encouragement and understanding over the anxiety I was feeling over that over-whelming question of to move or not to move... Well, after some serious soul searching and a realistic look at the (gulp) money, we made our decision and we're stickin' to it!

We are staying put! YAY!!! I love our house :) Its just getting a wee bit to small as our family gets bigger. So what do ya do?? Expand, my dears... expand. Now, I am no architect and I don't not pretend to be, but I have spoken to one and we are going to have plans drawn. I wanted to put my ideas in tangible form to share with all of you, because I'm that excited!!! So here you go! *Note, these are not actual plans... Just me playin. But its close to what were gonna do :)



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Sarah said...

Ummm...jealous of that lovely blue box in the upper right corner!! : )

Lauren said...

So fun!!!!! And you’ll have to show his pics when it’s all finished!!! :)

Sweet Simplicity said...

It's perfect! I hope things work out!

In this wonderful life... said...

yay!! so fun!! love it! I'll definitely be playing in the pool :)

Erica said...

Pool?! Sounds amazing on a day like today...or any day! It'll be fun to see what you guys decide to do!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

I have no idea how I'm just now finding your blog seeing as how I love all things little girl and all things Beatles. So duh, I think you're little blog here rocks!

Those house plans look great. I'm in the home improvement mindset at the moment too, but I think it would be easier to just move!

Elle said...

Yay! I love renovations (having never done one....)

Can't wait to see it all in action. I love the patio space!