Friday, August 27, 2010

Whatcha got in there?


Welcome to the SECOND "What's in Your Fridge Friday?" I absolutely LOOOVED peeking around in your fridges last week. It totally satisfied my nosey-ness for the week. Can't wait to see what you've got in there today! Question: Would you guys prefer to do Fridge Friday every week or every-other-week? Let me know! Oh, and do forget to Link-up at the bottom, so everyone can invade your fridge!

So, I think I'm in a food rut. My fridge looks way too similar to last week. I guess we like what we like! Ha! My favorite comment last week was, "you guys sure are a thirsty bunch!" Haha! Yes, we like our liquids :-)


Crystal Corona said...

What a fun idea! I think for the sake of the fridges you should do it every other Friday. Then things might seem newer? I love it no matter what! What else can you peek into? The Pantry maybe?

Ashley said...

I saw the school bus of apples at Target yesterday and I thought of your fridge! LOL

Newlywed Next Door said...

I love this! So fun! You all DO drink a lot!

Elle said...

I am skipping this week. I just posted mine a few days ago and all we have now is less of what we had before!

We do have the same ketchup as you!

Lynn said...

I am so going to do this!

P.S. I spy Augusto's green sauce...we love that stuff in our house!!

Momma Chaos said...

What a cute idea! I might have to join next week, altho I warn you.. Fridays is grocery day so if I post prior to shopping, my fridge is gonna be pretty bare! lol!