Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Double the Cuteness, Double the Fun!

Ok, so I go on and on and on about the cuteness of my babies. And well, they are really cute. But I got this in my inbox the other day, and well... I died. This is Cooper & Hadley, and they won the "Back to School" giveaway. I couldn't very well just send one Zoopack for the both of them, so I picked out a Froggie to send to Cooper. So glad I did! Mary Kate wrote that the twins LOVE their packs and Hadley wouldn't take her's off. Melt my heart! They also are LOVIN' the Spaghetti Eddie CD! So glad! I hope that you all grab a copy. You're babies will thank me ;)

My babies are SLOWLY getting better. Poor Penny Lane is still really struggling with Thrush. And now, on top of that, she is cutting 3 teeth all at once :( Poor baby. I feel really outta touch. I have been so focused on the tiny ones that I haven't even opened Google reader... Until this morning. Nearly 1000 unread posts. EEK. Must. Catch. Up.

And now on to some randoms that don't need an entire post to themselves, so bear with me!

My adorable Nanny Kate brought me some rockin' awesome daisies the other day! They were nearly neon colored, so awesome.

My good friends Jared & Clayton and Chris are now on Twitter! They are all really special souls. Jared is getting his masters in Theology and will definitely get you thinking! Clayton is an up and coming sculptor, who is getting his maters as well! Smarties! They are both not only extremely talented and smart, but also super fabulous. You can see some of Clayton's work HERE. Chris is me, as a boy, but even more fabulous. I know that's hard to believe... But its true! I luff them all. So much. Kyle is ok with it ;)

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And finally... Don't forget about my GIVEAWAY!


Ashley said...

Um, how freaking adorable that they wouldn't take off the backpacks?! Your poor babies :( They've had a rough few weeks, I hope that they are all better very soon!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

get those poor babies feeling better!! bg sends them get well wishes! =)