Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Its a Funny Story...

Hello, dear ones!

We have a winner for the BACK TO SCHOOL giveaway! But before I get to all of that, I wanted to share a little story...

I love Starbucks. Adore. Crave. Lust for Starbucks. I especially love the Toasted Marshmallow Hot Chocolate that they only have a few months out of the year at the Starbucks in Barnes & Noble, which is WAY out of my way, but that's for a different story... Anyway, there happens to be Starbucks just a few blocks from my house. How on earth could I resist it being THAT close. I can't. At this Starbucks is a fantastic character who's hair I both admire and fear. I find myself feeling highly diappointed if he is not working when I pop in. Why? Because of these:

"I like your hair. It looks like straw."
"I like your eye make-up. Its cool. You look like you're on heroin."
"Cool bag. My cat would love to sleep in it."
"I like your hair today. It reminds me of pasta. Like burnt pasta."

I seriously could not make this stuff up. This is really what comes out of his mouth nearly every time he takes my order. It is incredible. Really. It completes the absurdness of the whole "Starbucks" experience. I mean paying $6 for a coffee is absurd. Paying $6 for a coffee and a show, BARGAIN! I always wonder... Is it just me... Or does everyone get a little show when they order?

Now on to the important stuff. A winner, a winner!!

I'm super stoked about Mary Kate winning, her TWINS are just 6 days older than Lucy! Mary Kate, I'm sending you an extra backpack... Ya know, since you have double the kiddos and all ;-)

I added everyone up, separating out everyone's comments and tweets and ended up with 29. Plugged that into the handy dandy randomizer and VOILA! I have a winner!!


Mary Kate please send me your address, soon, to mybeatlesbabies [at] gmail [dot] com and I'll ship your radical prizes!!

Again THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! This was too much fun! I love doing giveaways! I will post this week's giveaway in the morning. Its for grown-up people! So ALL you all better enter! See ya then!


Crystal Corona said...

I love that you said that $6 coffee and a show is a bargain.. That just made me laugh out loud for real. Why does he say those things to you!?

Sweet Simplicity said...

You are so sweet to send her two back packs!

Mary Kate said...

OMG....this just made my day! And two backpacks??? You are awesome! Thanks so much! Awesome giveaway!!

Ashley said...

bahahahaha!! I can't tell if I love the burnt pasta comment or the heroine comment more. Let's hang out and you can just tell me stories about the things that happen to you because that would provide me with hours of entertainment! :)

Anonymous said...

I need to know just what Trisha thinks with this?!?

Cassie said...

A toasted marshmallow hot chocolate!?!?! That sounds amazing!

Anonymous said...

Hiram, LOL!!!

Sincere regards