Monday, September 20, 2010

Sick Days... Deja Vu?

Didn't I just post this? ...UGH! 

So, all you little mathletes... Or whatever, here's an equation for you:

Compromised immumity from virus + 2 under 2 + switch-swapping binkies + yeast from slurpy juice slobber = Thrush. For the midgets. Not me.

Lets not talk about it, I might cry. 

I'll be back tomorrow. Promise. In the mean time, don't forget my GIVEAWAY!


Jennifer D Allen said...

There is a product in the pharmacy genitineviolet I believe it is like 3 dollars a bottle and will clear up the thrus h by morning ...My son had 3 sdifferent scrpeit s nothing worked but the purple stuff will turn everything it touches purple babies clthes pacies everything but it works better then anything.,

Ashley said...

Poor babies :( Look how happy and sweet they look even when they're not feeling well, that almost makes you feel more sad for them, becasue the don't feel well but they're still all smiley and cute

Lauren said...

Aw, hope they get to feeling better :(