Friday, September 24, 2010

Whatcha Got in There?


Welcome to "What's in Your Fridge? Friday" I absolutely LOOOVED peeking around in your fridges last week. It totally satisfied my nosey-ness for the week. Can't wait to see what you've got in there today! If you noticed, there was not fridgey Friday last week. That's because I think its easier to do every other week... Less pressure, No? Oh, and don't forget to Link-up at the bottom, so everyone can invade your fridge!

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I feel like I made some progress this week... There are some NEW and DIFFERENT items in the fridge!! It feels strange but good. Change is hard :)

Top Shelf: Gatorade, YoBaby yogurt drinks,  sour cream, Annie's Bunnies Bunny-O's, WichCraft Sweet Caper Mustard (I diiiiiie), milk, wine (obvi), Green Machine (good and good for you!), grapes, and juice.

Middle Shelf: Grapes, and juice.
Bottom Shelf: Bottle of Dom Perignon, Fruit (blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, apples, oranges), all the girls binkies, spoons, and bottle nipples (have to keep them in the fridge because of the Thrush business).

Top Drawers: Deli meat, cheese, veggies (carrots, lettuce, lemons, purple cabbage, celery).
Bottom Drawers: Butter, gaucamole, feta, mozzarella, parmesan, salsa, cream cheese, YoBaby yogurt, leftovers and eggs.

Door 1: Spaghettie sauce, jalapenos, sweet chili sauce, prickley pear jelly (cactus jelly for ya northerners!) pine nuts, milk, and OJ.
Door 2: Taco sauce, mayo, yellow mustard, lots of ketchup, chili sauce, olives, grape jelly, peach jam, BBQ sauce, peppercinis, parmesan.

What's in your fridge today?

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Also, I am so flattered that you all think that my giveaway is a good one! I was a little nervous putting it out there... Ya know, maybe no one would like my stuff! You guys are the best. Puffy, glittery hearts to you all!

Happy Friday!


Ashley said...

I want to come and eat out of your fridge! We eat the same thing every week so ours is always the same too :)

To see what's in MY fridge:

Anonymous said...

yo soy deprimida ...