Friday, October 29, 2010

Don't you...Forget about me.

So, I have not blogged in seven days. I have no excuse. I am just lazy. Yep, I said it. LAZY. Admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery, right. I have been working, a lot. I've been trying to come up with some fun slogans for November ads for my family's restaurant... My favorite right now is:

The pilgrims served coneys at the 1st Thanksgiving... The indians let them stay.

Funny? I think it is, but maybe I'm wrong. Do you have any ideas?

On another note. Lucy is talking SO much! And she is FUNNY! She knows it too. She'll say something and just crack up at herself. The other night, when Kyle got home from work late, her took her outside to see the moon. She loves the moon, stars, and space. Anyway, we were out there looking at the moon and one of our owls buzzed Kyle & Lucy. I mean, I think the owl thought Lucy was a rabbit or something and was trying to swoop her up! She was less than okay with that. The following conversation took place:

Lucy: Let's go momma. Let's go inside.
Me: Ok, honey. We'll go inside.
Lucy: I scawed, momma.
Me: Of the owls?
Lucy: Yep. Owls scawy. Big and Scawy.

At this point Kyle and I are cracking up and I finally come to my senses and start recording her with my iPhone. Here is the video (I will transcribe below.)

Lucy: Owls, I say, "Stop it!"
Me: Owls stop it? (laughter) If you could say one thing to the owls, what would you say?
Lucy: I say, "tootoo" (laughter)
Kyle: What else would you say to them?
Lucy: Eeeee, Ow Ow.
Kyle: You would say owl?
Lucy: Woot Woot
Kyle: You can talk to them like that?
Me: Did you like the owl?
Lucy: (scared look)
Kyle: Did you like the owl outside?
Lucy: (more scared looks)
Me: Hey Lucy, did you like the owls ouside?
Lucy: No...
Me: No? Was it scary?
Lucy: (Really scared looks)
Kyle: Are you okay? Did it really scare you?
Lucy: Whoo. Yup. Owl suck. (Yes she said suck. Que my Mother of the year award.)
Kyle: Were you glad we came inside? Were you worried we were going to get hurt?
Lucy: Hurt?
Kyle: what can I do to make you happy?
Lucy: Happy? Owls?
Kyle: Owls make you happy?
Lucy: Yep!
Me: They do? I thought they scared you, the owls...
Lucy: Dad, dad! Owls (jibberish) owls, stop it! (jibberish)
Kyle: You want me to go outside and tell the owls to leave you alone?
Lucy: Noooo. Owls alone.
Me: Owls alone?
Kyle: Want me to say stop scaring Lucy?
Lucy: Oh, scared.
Kyle: You were scared?
Lucy: Yep.
Kyle: Okay, well what do you say I go outside and ask the owls to not scare you anymore, okay? And you and mommy can watch me do that from the window.
Me: What do you think about that Luce?
Lucy: Well...
Kyle & Me: Well...
Kyle: I'll be okay, I promise. Is that okay with you?
Lucy: Okay
Kyle: Okay, well lets go outside and I'll tell the owls to not scared you anymore.
Lucy: (Shakes head no.)
Me: Daddy's going to... Oh, you don't want daddy to go outside?
Kyle: I'll be okay.
Lucy: NO, no.
Me: Why can't daddy go outside?
Kyle: I'll be okay!
Lucy: (Shakes head no.)
Me: Is it because of the owls?
Kyle: Do you not want me to go outside because of the owls?
Lucy: No.
Me: Are the owls that scary?
Lucy: (Kiss for daddy.) Momma, go to bed now.
Me: Okay, lets go to bed...



DaisyJo said...

Sooooo cute! I also love how you can really see how close your family is in this video.

Sweet Simplicity said...

She is so cute! Such a little personality.

Jax said...

Ha! She's so cute! Love it! :) And wanted to pop over and say it was great meeting you in person Saturday at Boohaha! If I hadn't been pup wrangling, I would have been more fun! I was worried she'd go awol and run through Puck's! ha! :) Hope you had a great Halloween!