Friday, October 1, 2010

Lucy Lu and Ear Infections too!

If you follow my tweets (which you all should cuz I'm hilarious [and modest] [@jessmodestlyrox] HA!) you know that Lucy and I had to make that OH SO FUN night-time trip to emergency care. Luckily, we were in and out in about an hour. Its amazing how quickly you get seen with a screaming child! Yet when you feel like death on Christmas morning with a 1 week old baby and a 104• fever, you sit there for 4 hours. But that's an other story...

Well, Lucy has a double ear infection... And one of her tubes fell out. And she still has thrush which is not at all awesome because the antibiotics will feed the yeast, which makes it worse. Its a vicious cycle :( Anyway, They told us we need to go back to the ENT, gave us some perscriptions (read 4), and sent us on our way.

Lucy really dislikes going to the doctor. I breaks my heart. So, she got a couple of cute little buddies for being so brave (or throwing a gigantic fit...) So far the antibiotics seem to be working and she is acting like she feels better! Yay! Now, let just get rid of this thrush business!

The Patient

The Buddies - Gitzu & Kiki (Lucy named them!)

The Arsenal

**Jennifer, thanks for your suggestion of gentine violet! I tried to email you back, but it went to "no-reply":( The Ped said not to use that while on the Nystatin. Which they are on for a few more days. Once they are off of that, I'll give gentine violet a try!**


Lauren said...

Aw, poor girl!!! Hope she gets to feeling better QUICK!!!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

That poor baby!! Hope she gets to feeling better soon! I dread the day BG gets sick for the first time... sadness.

Elle said...

Poor little lady. Hope she feels better soon!

Cassie said...

Awww poor thing :( I love her little buddies though!

Oh, and I follow you on Twitter: sassycassie3232. You are hilarious!