Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!


Today I am thankful for so many things, but most of all for these two, messes and all!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

You want it, you got it!

I have TWO winners from my giveaway!!! Are you just sooo excited? I am! But don't you worry, if you didn't win I still love you! And you can get a beautiful blog make over! More details below :) But now on to the good stuff...

Megan from Perfectly Imperfect and Lenzi from Homemade Happiness, YOU GUYS WON THE BLOG MAKE-OVER GIVEAWAY!!!!!

 I added everyone up, separating out everyone's comments (*not including the ones who deleted themselves after my last post :( I'm sorry, really...) and ended up with 53. Plugged that into the handy dandy randomizer and VOILA! I have winners!

Megan and Lenzi please email, soon, to mybeatlesbabies [at] gmail [dot] com so we can get started on your make-overs!!!

An now on to my plug... If you didn't when, I still want you to have a shiny new blog by moi! So for a limited time (now until Christmas) I am offering you a complete blog make over for the price of JUST A HEADER!! So, for $35 you get the whole shabang! Just shoot me an email :) and mention this giveaway!

*I really didn't mean to offend anyone with my last post... This is MY blog and I wanted to share with you something that happened to me. Regardless of the person's stature, he should NEVER have acted so inappropriately. I may have down played the forcefulness of his advances in my story... I was truly shocked and humiliated by his actions. So, I apologize if you took offense, none was meant. Love you all :)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

the Nightmare.

I had a nightmare last night. It is one I have over and over again. Its not really a nightmare, more like a re-telling of a moment in my life that forever will haunt me. foooooorrrrreeeeeeevvvvvveeerrrrrrrrrr. (Name that movie...) This is not fiction. This is real life. My life. Don't be jealous. Anyway, back to the nightmare. Let me set the scene: 

*The names have been changed to protect the innocent.*

Its my freshman year of high school. I hang with the cool kids. I'm pretty happy with myself. I had all the things that are important to a freshman girl: friends, looks, and a Northface backpack. It was approaching Homecoming time and I some how landed one of the hottest guys in school as my date. Not only was he super attractive, but he was older! I scored. Big time. We will call him Nate. So homecoming was themed the "Time Warp." Nate and I decided we would go as a T-bird and a Pink Lady. There I was the night of Homecoming in my best Sandy: those are tight black pants, black leather jacket, big hair, and RUBY red lipstick. I looked hot. Well, hot for a freshman in high school. Nate and his best friend "Sam" and his date "Allie" came by the house to pick me up. Pictures happened... They have long since been lost. We left for the dance, happy as clams.

*Disclaimer for the next part - Mother, if you are reading this... I'm sorry. Underage drinking is bad.*

We were all piled in to Sam's Bronco in the school parking lot waiting to go in to the dance. One of the boys brought a water bottle full of tequila. Note: to this day, tequila makes me shiver. We took turns taking shots then headed in to the dance. We were having a BLAST. I was feeling good, perhaps a little too much so... We danced, laughed, I thought I was too cool for school with my too tight of pants and super hot date. Then it happened. Nate left to go to the bathroom and left me on the dance floor. I was happily dancing with Allie and Sam when I felt someone bumpin and grindin behind me. I turned around and saw that it was one of the seniors. So, as to not make a senior all mad at me I danced with him for a minute. And then... And then... He planted one on me. A kiss. A BIG FAT WET KISS. I was in shock and a little buzzed so it took me a second to react. When I came to, I pushed him away and ran. This was no ordinary senior. Oh no... This was, well, he was not ordinary at all. He was *whispers* a little person. Everyone pause for a moment and check out #15 on my "about me" list HERE. Are you back? Ok, good. So this makes a little more sense now, right. I think I had someone take me home. Immediately. Needless to say, Nate and I didn't fall in love that night and live happily ever after. I never even told him I was leaving. To make matters worse, there were less 400 kids in my high school, so I had to see the assailant nearly EVERYDAY for my entire freshman year. Was everyone talking about what happened behind my back? I don't know for sure, but it felt like it. Luckily I transferred to another high school the next year  (for unrelated reasons.) Leaving the scene of the crime, behind me. But in my dreams, I will forever be haunted by "the attack."

I made out with a midget. On the dance floor. At my freshman homecoming.

This post is not intended to offend anyone. It is just a recounting of an event in my life. Please don't send me hate mail.

Oh, and don't forget to enter my GIVEAWAY. It will make me feel better :)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

You want one of these? (a giveaway)

Ok. Fine. You can have one!

I feel like doing a giveaway. Yah, you heard me. A GIVEAWAY!

So, as you may have heard, I opened a little etsy shop. I have already had the pleasure of working with quite a few people through twitter and have had a couple sales on etsy! Anyway, I was itching to do a giveaway because I'm totally in the giving spirit... It is the Holidays and all :) So, here you go:

Do you need a blog make-over? Maybe a face-lift? I gotcha covered! I am going to give-away TWO, that's right two, blog make-overs! They include a custom header, blog layout, and buttons! Oh my! Here are a few of my recent blog face-lifts, you should also check out these blogs, because they're awesome (please note I also did my own.)

If you want to enter, you have a few ways to do so...

1. Be a public follower of my blog. Leave me a comment telling me you are!
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3. Tell me why you need a blog make-over.

Please leave me a separate comment for each entry. I will be choosing the two winners at random Wednesday Nov. 24th at noon.

If you just can't wait that long, you can check out my etsy shop HERE :)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Let me tell ya, Christmas with a kiddo is WAY more fun than any other time in life... That I can remember, anyway. And I'm sure that this year will be double the fun, since I have double the kiddos :)

We started decorating a little early this year. It tends to take longer to get everything up when distractions every 5 seconds. But that doesn't keep us from going all out. Oh no... Christmas is magic for the little ones and the little ones' parents. So no way were we not going to pull out all the stops. I have even started my Christmas shopping. That should shock everyone who knows me IRL... 

We put up the Christmas tree this weekend and as one would expect, half of the lights don't work. So darn annoying! Did I mention that I had to fluff the tree. I hate fluffing the tree. Worst.Job.Ever. But I love all the rest of the decorating! We will finish the of the decorating when we get the lights all figured out. But here's a sneak peak of the mantle:

This is our last Christmas in our house BC (before construction.) We have been doing minor projects around the house but our BIG construction will start after the new year. I decided to hold off starting the project until after Christmas and the girls' birthday party... The thought of having Christmas in a torn up house just made me sad. But the thought of the new construction makes me sooo happy!

Did I tell you that the house next door went up for sale last week? Well it did. And it already sold! I'm super curious as to who our new neighbors may be. I sooo hope that they are a young couple who will fix that old place up. Please cross your fingers for us. The old place is kind of an eye sore. Especially next to our house... I hate to brag, but we do have the cutest house on the block ;-)

Speaking of house construction, or re-construction, a sorority sister of mine and her hubs just bought an old Victorian style home and are in the process of restoring it to its former glory! Its a big project and I am so excited to watch it all unfold! So great for them! Anyway, Kate started a blog about the renovation project and it is just great. Not to mention, adorable (wink! I made it over !) You should all hop over and check it out. Its going to be an exciting ride that you won't want to miss out on!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Shameless Self-Promotion

Ok, here we go... I opened up an etsy shop!

I am really proud of my little shop. Its something that I love and I am so happy to be putting it out there for all of you! diamond doll designs is my creative outlet; I play with everything from blog headers to stationery & invitations to custom artwork. In high school and college I had big dreams to be world famous fashion designer or artist. But the truth is, I could not be happier doing anything but what I'm doing, right now. My inspiration comes from the two brightest diamonds in my sky, Lucy Olivia & Penny Lane.

If you have a second, please check out my shop HERE and let me know what you think!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Happy Halloweenie!

What were you for Halloween? I was a bee. A little rocker bee. My girls were bees. Little ballerina bees. My Kyle was not a bee. He was a bee keeper :) We did a little trick-or-treating... All of 5 houses. We go to my parents house on Halloween because we do not get ONE trick-or-treater at our house. Not a one. My parents get thousands. Yes, you read that right, thousands. No, I am not exaggerating. It is a mad house and we like to go for the spectacle of it all.

Lucy loved Halloween because she got lollies. Lots of lollies. Three sometimes four at a time :) I loved seeing my little bees looks as sweet as, well, honey!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Sunshine and Wildflowers

Beautiful like wildflowers.

Bright like moonbeams.

They are my sunshines.