Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Brain Barf.

I like brain barf better than brain dump.

I'd rather barf than dump. Dump. Eh. [shudder]

I got a UV nail setter at Sally Beauty Supply yesterday. Worth every penny. 
Not worth every penny? The ridiculously expensive nail polish I bought the other day. Gorgeous color. But its currently all over my bathroom floor.

Lucy has terrible breath. She gets a pass because she had surgery last week and a sinus infection this week. But it is BAD. Ooof.

Lucy slept in our bed last night (don't even go there, I don't want to hear it.) So did Cash, our 60lbs Golden Retriever. Lucy & Cash slept very comfortably. I slept on the very edge of the mattress.

Cash had a very rough day. I'd didn't realize how co-dependent he was on his sister, June. He was depressed and cried all day.

June had a rough day too. She had surgery; she tore her ACL. This is the second time we've had to get this surgery for her. Most expensive dog ever.

Cash is breathing in my face right now. His breath smells very similar to Lucy's. Double Ooof.

Lucy is telling everyone that, "June at de doctors. June broken." She's so funny!
Last night at my parents house she was making everyone get in to the big dog pen with her. All of us. 4 adults and Penny. She was calling it her nest. Kyle taught her to rattle the pen and scream, "Attica! Attica!"

I had a 90210 dream last night. Again. This time it was in the new 90210. Which is terrible, but I can't stop watching it. Srsly.

I wish some of the old cast would come on to the new show. Well, really I only want to see Dylan come back. But he won't. I'd take any of them except Steve. I'd even settle for some BAG (Brian Austin Greene) but even that won't happen as he's too busy following Megan Fox around. Pinching himself wondering if its all a dream... Val? Brandon? Matt? Noah? Anyone but Steve. Uck, Ian Zerohkajsfkdkjhdkhfsk. Yuck.

Penny Lane is walking!

I have to break Lucy of the binky. She is going to flip the eff out.

I have watched The Princess and the Frog every.single.day. at least once. Its pretty cute, so its ok. I think that Ray the firefly might be my favorite Disney character ever.

The other night we were watching The Santa Clause III and the DVR messed up the last 20 mins of the movie. I was WAY more upset about it than an rational 27 yr old should have been.

I have been on hold with surgery scheduling for 29 minutes now. I'm starting to get pissed. I have pins in my ankle and one of them popped through the skin. No joke. Ummm... kinda need to get that taken care of like NOW. So, take me off hold. K, thanks.

Oh, Penny Lane said "Puppy" yesterday! She is so cute :)

My sister thinks my new twitter picture is emo. That's like the worst insult ever. I told my dad that last night. So for the rest of the night he called me emo girl. Does he even know what that means?

Kyle got Lucy some crayons after her surgery last week. After about an hour of "coloring" with them, I was only able to locate 4 of them. It was a 26 pack. I figured she ate them. This is not unusual. WAAAAY later that night, Lucy was whining to Kyle, "My feets hurt daddy!" He unzipped her princess footie pjs (that she HAD to wear ALL day long) to find 20 crayons in the feet of her pjs. Mystery solved.
Yay, my sister and Bob get in town today!! We are going on a Christmas light tour tonight. FUN!

I bought myself a 30 set of sharpies yesterday. All different colors. Best investment ever.

Yesterday Lucy dumped and entire box of rice cereal all over my formal living room. And Penny Lane's head. I was less than thrilled. I vacuumed it all up, but it took forever. I also vacuumed Penny Lane's head. She didn't seem to mind.

I just thought about my best friends dad, Rusty. The other night he was out and a guy came up to his table, grabbed his beer and said, "What kind of beer is this? I want to try it." And he did. Rusty, shocked, grabbed his beer back and said, "I don't like you. I don't like anything about you! Go away!" That response cracks me up. I'm dying laughing thinking about it right now!

Ohhhh. I'm off hold. Gotta go!


Brandi said...

Funny post!! And I've got to break my son of the binky too....you are right, he freaked the efffff out! So, I gave up!! Good luck to you!!! Merry Christmas!!

Lauren said...

This WHOLE post made me laugh!!!! And THANK YOU for your sweet Christmas card. Beautiful family y’all are!!!! :)

Kim said...

This post was great!! Thanks for the laugh in the middle of the work day!!!! I love following you and your cute girls!!!! Hope you have a Very Merry Christmas!!!!

Nicol said...

Hang in there - The pacy thing SUCKS! Keltie made it a week then freaked out for the next 2...Still doesn't go to bed as well. Merry Christmas - keep you sense of humor to make it through the season - enjoyed your post.

Mrs. Cup said...

Whew! There is a lot going on in your house this week! The rice cereal thing...I seriously die. Vacuuming her head...BAHAHAHAHAHA!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

you crack me up.

Ashley said...

I was DYING at the crayon debacle! Over most of this post, actually. I love your crazy little family! :)