Thursday, February 24, 2011

Its been over a year...

... It is time to get the weight off. 

Being that I had two babies one year apart, and since I was actually pregnant before Lucy, I can say that I was basically pregnant for two years straight. Let me break that down for you:
  • January 2008 - positive pregnancy test
  • February 2008 - Ultrasound confirms no heart beat - D&C shortly after
  • March 2008 - back on birth control, can try again in 3 months
  • April 2008 - Trip to Liverpool, 2 weeks after coming home positive pregnancy test. so much for waiting 3 months!
  • December 2008 - LUCY IS BORN!!!
  • January 2009 - back on birth control
  • March 2009 - get serious about losing weight
  • May 2009 - Back into my pre-pregnancy jeans! woohoo!! 4 days later, positive pregnancy test. oops!
  • January 2010 - PENNY LANE IS BORN!!
So there you have it. Save about 4ish months in there I was pregnant from January 2008 - January 2010. Oy. Because of this, I was gentle with myself about losing the baby weight. I mean my body had been through a lot. But last fall, I decided to get serious. But nothing happened. Literally. I had lost 8 lbs since Penny Lane was born in January. Thats 8 lbs in 10 months. She was 6.3 when she was born. You do the math on that. Boo. 

So I worked harder. Nothing. I went to a Doctor and explained my concerns; he told me to workout harder and eat less. Um, no duh. But that didn't work. ZERO change. At this point I began to get really frustrated and concerned. Something was wrong. So I found a new Doctor; one that actually listened to me and didn't blow me off as just being lazy. Hello, I have TWO kids TWO and under, I don't have time to be lazy.

New Doctor ran tons of tests. TONS and TONS. Obvious symptoms pointed to a thyroid issue, but all thyroid test can back normal. Back to square one. Doc sent me to a specialist, and Endocrinologist. She did a bunch of test and an ultrasound on my thyroid. Everything looked normal. We talked for a bit longer and suddenly she asked if she could do an ultrasound on my ovaries. Almost immediately after starting the u/s she said, "Oh, Jessica! There are just too many cysts on there to even count. You have PCOS. I will confirm with blood work, but I know that is what you have." Well, PCOS explained all of my symptoms, I mean Every. Single. One of them. The one I am focusing on right now is the weight.

(The following is how I understand PCOS, in a nutshell. I am not a Doctor, obvi.)

PCOS can make it nearly impossible for you to lose weight while your cyst sare active. This is because the cysts feed off of sugar and carbs, they make you crave sugar and carbs. The cysts, in a sense, trick your body in to think you are insulin resistant, like a diabetic. So, your body just holds on to all the sugars and carbs because it thinks it can't processes them correctly. Therefore you don't lose weight, no matter how hard you try. AND your cysts are more active the heavier you are, making it even HARDER to lose the weight. Its a vicious cycle.

I began to feel kind of desperate. I mean, I know I not fat really, but when I have stacks of jeans in my closet that I can't get into, it really started to get to me. Not going to lie, I wasn't in a great place. Then I remembered that my friend, Megan who also has PCOS, did the hCG diet after her son was born and had GREAT results from it. I did some research and talked to my Doctor about it. He agreed that it was a very good option for someone like me; healthy but in need of assistance to lose weight. He would like to see me close to my pre-pregnancy weight, that is a loss of 25-30 lbs. Wooph... That's a lot. But I went for it. I started the hCG diet one week ago. 

(This is how I understand the hCG diet as explained to me by my Doctor. I'm not an expert, obvi.)

The hCG diet is a hormone diet that should be regulated and monitored by a physician. It is very affective if done correctly, losing 1-2 lbs a day. It can be done in 23 or 40 day cycles. I am doing the 40 day cycle. This is basically how it works: hCG is the hormone produced when you are pregnant. It cause your body to release fat to feed the growing baby, in the form of calories. Well when you are not pregnant and the body is introduced to the hCG hormone it still does the same thing; it releases the fat stores but instead of feeding a baby, it feeds YOU. So you are getting calories off the fat store that are already built up in your body.

On the hCG diet you have to follow a very strict diet plan. While on the hCG drops, you can only consume 500 calories per day for 38 days (remember you are getting additional calories from your own fat stores.) The first two days of the diet are binge days. The calories have to come from a list of approved foods. You can't have any oils or sugars and VERY little carbs. To get ready for this diet I felt like I was studying for a test! It was so much information! But I got it down, for the most part (I've been calling my Doctor's nurse and my personal nurse, Megan, with tons of questions. Sorry Meg!) After the 40 days on the diet, you have a 3 week maintenance period. During this time you stop the drops and start a 1200 - 1500 calorie diet. These calories need to come from smart healthy foods. No sugars and only smart carbs. They 3 week period is essential in keeping the weight off.  Having PCOS means a lifestyle of smart food choices and healthy exercise. This is just a jump start to help me get to where I need to be! 

I am on day seven of the hCG diet! Wanna know how I'm doing so far? Well, I'm gonna tell ya! (Sorry, but I'm not going to put my starting weight out there for everyone to see, but I will tell you how much I've lost!)

hCG Diet - Week One
Total weight lost : -7.1 lbs
Total inches lost: - 6 in
Bust : .5 in
Waist : 1 in
Belly : 2.5 inches
Hips : 1 in
Inner thigh : .75 in
Bicep : .25 in
I am super happy! I'm not in my jeans, yet. But I will be! 


Ashley said...

I'm so glad you figured this out! Sounds like the hCG diet is working for you, 7 lbs in ONE week?! Awesome! Good for you for being able to be so strict with your food choices, that is not easy.

Katie~Loves Of Life said...

That's great! So when you are done the diet do you think the weight comes back or how long do you have to eat that way?! Maybe I missed the details within the post.

It feels sooo good to lose weight. So, I know how you're feeling! good for you!!!

Natalie said...

Excited for you! I have heard good things about the hCG diet!!

KatiePerk said...

Glad you found something that works for you. Interesting post. I didn't know much about PCOS or hCG diet.

In this wonderful life... said...

yippie!! you are doing great! It's so worth it! I'm happy to help with the answers I know :)

June and Jason said...

Wow! 7 pounds is amazing! I'm very jealous!

AllyceR said...

Wow! Good for you for becoming so informed on your body! So many people will just go along either hoping for something to work, ignoring symptoms or just plain feeling sorry for themselves. I love when women take their health into their own hands! Can't wait to see how successful you are with this. (And it's obviously worth it that you were preggers for so long with those darling daughters of yours!)

caraheck said...

i did the shortest cycle of hcg in november, i only lost 9 lbs over the whole 23 days, BUT i didnt follow the 1200-1500 cals very well aka i drank! i slowly gained most of it back but it took awhile! but keep it up, some how the 2nd and 3rd week are somehow alot easier! good luck!

Perfectly Imperfect said...

I'm so glad you got this figured out and that you have some answers. I think you did a great job of explaining this to some who don't have a clue what this is. I hope this works, but it sounds like it already is!!

Lollipops & Pig Tails said...

Way to go!

Adie said...

Where did you purchase your drops? What is the brand? This is very exciting. I have thyroid issues and a lot of weight trouble.