Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Brain Barf...

My brain is fried. Even if I had something awesome to say, it would come out like barf anyway... So I'm just gonna go with it.

It was a super glorious weekend here. The girls and I spent most of it outside. One afternoon, the girls went around to all the neighbors' houses knocking on their doors saying, "Hello? Whatcha doing in there? Got any juice?" Well, Lucy did the questioning, but Penny Lane tagged along. We drew with sidewalk chalk, took wagon rides and lounged round on the picnic blanket, just soakin' up the sun. We even waved down the ice cream truck one afternoon :)

I love the spring time. My favorite thing is getting to plant new flowers, it just brightens the house and freshens everything up! I planted my spring pots over the weekend. I usually do a small hibiscus tree in my front pots, but this year I went with a funky grass called King Tut with some little orange flowers around it. I can't wait for them to bloom!

I bit ago I commissioned Katie, over at Loves of Life, to make me some cute headbands. I wanted something to wear during college football season, as its kind of a big deal around here. I wanted one for each of the teams we root for: TCU (obviously my #1 team!), OU, and Bama. They came yesterday, and they turned out so cute! Thanks Katie! You can visit here etsy HERE.

We had a bout of the stomach flu around here Sunday. Ky got it the worst, poor guy! Lucy was pretty bad too. Penny and I managed to escape pretty much unscathed, thank goodness! I ended up having to take Ky to Urgent Care on Sunday night for IV fluids and something to stop the nausea. He was miserable... Everyone's doing better now, though :)

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Sweet Simplicity said...

The girls look so cute with their ice cream! I hope everyone has recovered completely from the stomach bug. How's your ankle holding up?

Katie~Loves Of Life said...

So glad you like them! I love love love your green pots! so springish!

Elizabeth said...

Love the picture of your baby girls! :) They are precious! And the stomach flu?? Oh that's the worst! Hope it clears soon!