Monday, April 25, 2011


I'm alive. So, its been a little crazy around here. If you follow my twitter (@jessmodestlyrox) you know that we put our house on the market and bought another one. Looooooooong story. I'll get to it sometime, soon... Promise. In the meantime, let's just say I have been busy. Swim lessons, house showings, preschool interviews, packing... Ooooph! Y'all will be there for me when I catch my breath, right? What am I saying, of course you will :)


Monday, April 4, 2011

I just couldn't believe my ears...

First off, thank you for the emails, comments, and tweets regarding my last post! Deep down, I know that she is just fine, but its always good to have some reinforcements :) She is just so cute, I guess I don't really mind her not talking anyway... AND, she's so tiny still that its kinda like I still have a baby, not two toddlers :)

I hate the radio. I really try to avoid listening to it at all costs. I don't like the commercials and the "DJs" drive me crazy. I don't think they are funny or cute or entertaining at all. Well, the other day I had exhausted all the CDs in my changer and I have yet to figure out my iPod connector thingy, so I was forced to listen to the radio. Now, when I do listen to the radio, I generally keep it on NPR so I don't feel like my brain is melting... But it was a gorgeous day, I had the windows down and I just wanted to crank up some tunes and drive around. Well, that did not happen... 

The first station I tried wasn't playing any music, the so called DJs were just talking and taking calls about a question that was posed. What was question you ask? "Is it less traumatic to be m•lested if the m•lester is attractive than if they are ugly?" I mean my jaw dropped. What in the world possessed them to even think that up? I last about 3 minutes on that station before I vomited in my mouth and switched the station.

The next station I flipped to was playing commercials... Switch! On to the next...

This station wasn't playing music either, the DJs were talking to a caller about how she got injured filming a p•rn with her ex-husband. They were discussing how they could make lots of money with "extreme p•rn." I don't know what the original topic was but it had morphed into talking about extreme p•rn and what this gal was doing (positions, etc...) in the video she made with her partner.

I just turned off the radio completely and completed my errands in silence.

I am not a prude by any stretch of the imagination. Really. But I'm sorry, I just don't understand why they are allowed to talk about that kind of stuff on the radio... A sign of the times I guess. I, for sure, will not ever listen to either one of those stations again. I was disgusted. The DJs were NOT funny. They did not come across as cool or edgy or intriguing... They sounded vulgar, uneducated and sexist. I mean, it was just embarrassing to think that some people were sitting in their cars thinking that those morons were hilarious. Call me stuck up if you wish, but it is for reasons like that, my husband and I work our butts off to live were we live so our kids can go to the schools that we choose. Its all in an effort to isolate them from crappola just like I described above.

For those who live in my town the stations were 92.1 and 106.9... But my guess is that you probably already figured that out! For what I can tell, these are not isolated incidents on either of those stations. Shall we do something about it??

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