Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Brain Barf...

I haven't blogged in like forever. I feel weird about that, like I'm letting YOU down. Thats weird, right? I mean... Its my blog and I doubt you really even care so much if I blog regularly or not. 

Lucy is super hilarious. She is currently pretending to put make-up on my boy dog, Cash, and telling him, "Oh beautiful, Cashie! You're beautiful! Good boy!" Its hilarious :)

Penny has 12 teeth and is getting 4 more currently. She has been in an AWESOME mood lately. False.

Our house has still not sold. However we did get some encouraging news yesterday, so think some good thoughts for us, will ya? Thank you :)

I have brown hair now. I have had every shade of blonde, been red plenty too. I've had pink, purple and blue in my hair... But never been a brunette! This is going to take me a minute.

Yesterday Lucy and Penny were playing together (this is happening more & more! LOVE) and the fell to the floor laughing and hugging. I thought my heart was going to explode. And then Lucy said, "Oh my gosh, Penny Wane (Lane) that was so much fun!" And with that, my heart did explode :)

My mom found an awesome curling iron. Its the Conair 30-second heat-up with the gold barrel. Its magic. I just went and got my own yesterday! Um... it was on sale at Target for $16.99. Go get one now, you can thank me later!
These words just came out of my mouth, "Penny Lane, please do not put the TV remote down your diaper!" Strangely I've said those EXACT same word before... To Lucy! What is with my kids!?!?

For one second last week I thought I might want to have a 3rd baby. Then I regained my sanity.

And now Penny Lane is Sitting on Cash like a horse. Thank you, Lord, for giving me patient dogs.

One of our computers is not turning on. That annoys me to no end. Why can't things just work!

Lucy is now eating blueberries. She handed one to Penny Lane and said, "Try it Penny Wane, you'll like it! Good girl" What a silly head!

Apparently Penny Lane did like blueberries, because they are now fighting over the bowl. Never a dull moment!

Penny Lane is still not talking. Not one word. She is going to be a professional mime.

Can dogs eat blueberries? I should google that.

I should also do some laundry and pack. I'm going on a girls trip this weekend! I already miss my baby girls and the hubs, though. Haven't even left yet.

Speaking of the hubs. He recently lost a bet with me and now has to grow his hair out. Long. Yay! I love his hair long :)

I really need to get moving on to other things. I miss you guys :) I still tweet lots, so find me! @jessmodestlyrox - I'll be back to blogging lots soon. I have a whole new house to show you! Well, if mine ever sells :-|


Sweet Simplicity said...

Have fun on your girls weekend! When I get back from vacation we will need to get together. Maybe we can take the boys to a driller's game...

Livvy's Mommy said...

I'm glad your back! I have missed you :) Hubs and I are about to head off on a week long Mexican cruise with out the baby...I'm freaking out too! We can freak out together K?