Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sweet Twin Treats

You may have seen this over on Megan's blog, but a couple weeks ago I throw a little baby shower for the twinzies. Megan and I have a great group of friends here in town that we met through blogging, the Blogirls, so I invited all of them. Most of them were able to make it :) And we def missed those that couldn't make it. 

Since Megan's favorite food this whole pregnancy has been frozen yogurt, so I decided to give her a fro-yo party! I have a frozen yogurt maker from Cuisinart, so this was the perfect opportunity to bust it out. I asked everyone to bring their favorite fro-yo topping so that we would have a big selection. I think it turned out pretty cute :) Here are some pics that I stole off of Megan's blog... Yes, my Lucy would not put on clothes. Standard.

I designed the invite above :) If you are in need of custom invitations, email me diamonddolldesign[at]gmail[dot]com Also, check out my super cute playdate cards HERE.


ShaRhonda said...

Cute theme! I luv the BloGirls! Megan's names are uber cute!

jenny collier said...

Such a cute party. Came across your blog from the Tulsa Details blog. Definitely saving to the Google Reader.


Amy Silver said...

I'm just catching up to some posts in my reader and came across this. I live in Wichita Falls, pretty near Tulsa! When/Where do you guys meet up? That sounds like a lot of fun!