Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Wanna Play?

We are knee deep in moving boxes and packing supplies, but there is an other pressing matter in our house right now... Getting Lucy ready to start school! She is starting preschool in a couple weeks! I can't even believe it :) We have been getting our unicorns (uniforms) ready, we have our saddle shoes, and of course our bows. We have a pink backpack and matching lunchie; monogrammed with an 'L.' 

We are ready to go!

...And we are excited!

Along with getting our unicorns ready, I also made Lucy some little playdate cards to give out to her classmates. I think this is such a great idea... I mean what 2.5 year old doesn't need a 'business' card :)

If you are interested in some playdate cards of your own, for back to school, email me diamonddolldesign[at]gmail[dot]com and I'll get ya all hooked up :)


Eights on the Move said...

What an awesome mommy you are! :)

Kate @ TheAnniversaryHome.com said...

i LOVE the playdate cards. such a cute idea.

The Great Elephant Symposium said...

That is such a great idea!!

Sweet Simplicity said...

She is adorable in her uniform!! Or unicorn, whatevs.

Christine said...

Aww! I wore that same uniform when I went to preschool at MC! Glad to see it's still adorably in fashion! :)

Jane said...

She looks SO DARN CUTE!