Tuesday, August 23, 2011

HELP ME! (please)

Moms of preschoolers, I need your help! Lucy started preschool last week and has been doing pretty well, EXCEPT for at rest time. We are having some issues with rest time. I'm not really surprised by this; Lucy is not a big napper and its on her terms when she does nap. So, when its time for rest at school, she pitches a huge fit and will not lay on her mat. They have been sending her to the office during rest time because she is being too loud! WAHHH! This make me sad. She my look super adorable, but she actin' a fool! Help!

Do any of you have any suggestions? I'm open to just about anything :|


Kristen said...

I was in the same boat last year. Maybe trying talking to the teacher about letting her "rest" in a corner with some books to look at. Another thing we did was tell her she needed to keep quiet so that all of her new friends could rest. Good luck!

Allena said...

I think it'll take time. She's had the same routine for over 2 years and now it's different. I think you need to talk to her A LOT about rest time and that even if she doesn't want to sleep, she needs to be quiet. I agree w/ the previous comment about maybe just being a little apart and taking books. I think it's just going to take time. Good luck!

Angie said...

You guys could practice the rest time at home...lay it down in the living room for rest time at home??!

I'd try that, and bribery sometimes works well for us. lol!

Like...maybe if there is a new toy she is wanting you can buy it for her after so many days of laying on her mat quietly at school.

Good luck...she is adorable!

the hines family said...

Hi! i know i'm not a mom of a preschooler yet, but I did teach pre-k for two years. Good news: she won't put up a fight all year long. She will eventually get into the routine and at least lay down quietly, even if she doesn't sleep. In the mean time, some suggestions:
1. does she have a favorite stuffed animal or blankie you can send to school with her?
2. could you have a special treat for her when she gets home if she has a good nap that day? (maybe the teacher could put a special sticker in her folder or a check mark or something to let you know) teacher/parent communication is key.
3. if she keeps being too loud and getting in trouble at school, you could reinforce at home (like if you go to the office today, then you don't get to watch tv when you get home, etc.)

hope some of that helps! she is an absolute doll, and i'm sure this phase will be over soon :)

Carrie said...

Haha love that last part. She is adorable!

Tara said...

cutest pic ever!

what about a sticker chart? like every day she gets a sticker if she takes a nap and at the end of the week she gets a little surprise. i also saw one on pinterest last week that was cute ... putting diamonds in a little diamond jar and when it was full she gets to trade it in for a surprise.

pennythequeen/queeniep said...

I taugh pre school for a while...
she probably needs comfort item fr naps... can she sooth herself to sleep?,,, bribe her for a couple of weeks to at least lay on her rest mat... then she will eventually sleep a bit. She is just not used to the place and the comforts of home.., they often just need the home smell to relas... send her pillow for a cuple of days.
hop it workd