Thursday, September 8, 2011

Drum Roll Please... Its about Hair

Here it is, the long awaited tutorial on how to put in hair extensions and do the perfect curl-down! I know y'all have been on the edge of your seats :P Ha!

Clearly I like to talk, a lot. I had to split up the video into 3 sections and if you really watch all three of them, I will be impressed! I am slightly very long winded :)

StepONE - The Extensions
Here I show you how to clip in your temporary extensions. If you don't have extensions or you don't plan on using them you can skip this one :)

StepTWO - The Curl-Down
Once I have the extensions in I show you how I achieve the curl-down look. I think this method works really well!

StepTHREE - The Fix
How I fix and set my curls. You can fix yours anyway you like, this is just my preferred method :)

And just in case you think I take myself too seriously...

There you have it. I hope you still want to be my friend after seeing that. Pretty much, I don't want to be my friend after seeing that! Haha! If you want to know what Hair I use, maybe you can ask Lindsey. She might remember... Maybe. Lindsey??


Lenzi said...

it's saying the videos are private :(

Sweet Simplicity said...

Don't laugh, but I've been using the widest extension as my bottom one. haha. Good thing I watched your video! I sent you an e-mail with a picture of the extensions in the box.

Tresseme hairspray is my fave too.

Theisen Trio said...

I love this "curl down" being from the far north (MN) I have never heard that phrase could also be that I never really do my hair though!? I am inspired! and you are gorgeous!

Jill said...

This makes me want to get extensions, even though my hair isn't that long anymore. I'm working on it, but it's just not there yet. This would help with my lack of body in my hair that always seems to be my issue.

I love these videos! So fun!