Friday, December 9, 2011

Confessions of a Size 4.

Disclaimer : These are my personal opinions and feelings. They are not a reflection on anyone but myself :)

I used to be a size 0, pre-kiddos. I was totally happy with my body. I was little and cute and I could wear, literally anything. I didn't have to work at it, just normal maintenance and diet. And then... The Babies. Back-to-back attack on my body. Do not get me wrong I would not trade them for all the skinnies in the world... But oomfph, the havoc they left behind! HA! You can read up about some of my weight struggles here and what I have done to combat them. For the record, I have kept off every pound I lost on the HcG diet earlier this year and even lost a few more. 

I joined weight watchers over the summer, and while I liked the regimen and control, I didn't really lose any weight. I most certainly could do more on the exercise front. I am going to start doing something with my friend Jared (hows that for accountability, J? Its on the blog for everyone to see! HA!) So there's that... I mean I guess I just lack motivation right now. Come springtime and the impending doom swimsuit season. And being as I spend all day everyday at the pool, that's some mah-jah motivation right there. So if y'all have any tips for me, please share :)

That's me currently, as in like this week. Am I at my goal weight? No. Do I wish some days that I was the skinny minnie I used to be? Yes. Do I fit in all of my pre-preggo clothes? No. Do I fit into most of them? Yes.

I am a size 4. And right now, I am okay with it :)

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If you need a chuckle, watch this video :)


KJ said...

Jess, you look absolutely amazing for having two children! I hope one day to be as fit as you when am a mommy. :) Happy Holidays!

marylockhart said...

Dude, you look awesome! I wish I looked as good as you & I don't even have kids!

In this wonderful life... said...

you look great, mama!!!