Monday, February 20, 2012

Oh Mr. Postman...

Lucy's class just finished a unit on the postal service. They learned all about what happens when you mail a letter. To finish the unit they took a field trip to the post office to mail their valentines! There is a post office right across the street from Lucy's school, so we bundled the kiddos up and walked with them... It was as adorable as you would imagine ;)

Lucy & Taylor. BFFs.
Waiting to mail the Valentines :)
Sweet Lu.
What a beauty! We love Tay-tay!
Time to drop them in the mail slot!
Lu's turn :)
Tay's turn!
Tay and her sweet grandmother!
Kennedy's fingers were chilly! Trying on Mommy's gloves :)
Our little friend Jade! So cute!

All images by Sophia Litchfield


undomestic chica said...

Such cute pictures! They look so proud of themselves.

Ashley said...

These pictures are so adorable! How fun for them. And Lucy and Taylor holding hands?!! I died.

free-range mama said...

this is kristen
(your aunts neighbor)
we are having a JBF presale at our house tomorrow from 2-6
i'm selling all of o and c's european clothing/shoes...
thought i better give you a heads up! (house w/the purple door)