Thursday, April 19, 2012

She's ALIVE!!!

I know what you were all thinking... She's dead. She must be dead. Thank you for all of your emails of deep concern as to my whereabouts :P HAHA!

No, I'm not dead (obviously.) I'm a working girl now! Not that kind of working girl, sheesh! I'm back to work full-time! Can you believe it? I can't sometimes, but its true. And you know what? I LOVE my job. I seriously hit the job lottery with this one guys. No joke. Don't you love getting up in the morning and feeling so good about what you are getting up for? I do.

Here's the deal. I was a stay at home mommy for 3+ years. As soon as Lucy was born, I just knew I wanted to stay home with her. Then Penny came along so quickly (ahem, 13 months later, lest you forget) I really didn't have a choice but to continue to stay at home. And I WANTED to. Those 3+ years were just great. I loved being there for every milestone, every first, every everything. I loved random trips to the park or the zoo. I loved spending all day in PJs and watching Tangled for the ten-millionth time. It was such a blessing.

Lucy started school in August 2011, and really that's when the itch started. Seeing how happy Lucy was at school, I think made it easier for me to start turning that page. The girls were ready, I was ready. And then it happened. The most amazing job opportunity just fell, literally fell, right in my lap. At Starbucks.

I am now working for The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation as the Logistics Specialist. Basically the best job ever. I love who I work with, the office is so fun. And I love what I do. Who knew that non-profit would be my thing? I certainly didn't but it is!

We fundraise, throw amazing parties, and help people with CF. Which is the best part. One of my dearest friends, Jane's, little sister, Lo, has CF. So, its really a cause I can get behind. And I have done just that! I fact my family's company is sponsoring a walk team for Great Strides this year and we are walking for Lo. If you are interested you can find out some more info HERE... You can even join my team - or donate - if you feel so compelled!

So, now I spend my days here. And I love it.