Wednesday, November 21, 2012

My Precious CF Friends

As you may know from THIS post, I went back to work full time in March after being a SAHM for over 3 years. I work for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and I adore what I do! Not only do I have the best boss, kick a$$ co-workers and my office is only 3 blocks from my house... I also happen to truly believe in what we're doing. We raise money for Cystic Fibrosis Research. Money to find a cure! Science is getting closer and closer to this goal because of the money we raise.

If you want you learn more about CF and the Foundation visit the CFF WEBSITE.

My friend, Jane, lost her little sister, Lo, to CF in August. She was 28 years old. Lo was the strongest, bravest CF warrior out there. In her entirely too short of a life, she endured TWO double lung transplants, a Kidney transplant from her father, as well as countless treatments and hospital stays. Yet, you never caught her not smiling. 28 years was not long enough for Lo to be here. We need a cure now, so no one else has to lose a sister/daughter/brother/son/mother/father/aunt/uncle/cousin/friend to CF. Lo would want that.

I have had the pleasure of meeting so many awesome CF warriors since starting at the foundation. They are just the most amazing group of young people (I say young people because average life span is only 37 years, and that is too young.) My mom and I spent some time with a few of Tulsa's CF kids and took their portraits. Wow, these kids certainly can tell a story just through a simple picture, don't you think?

Kaleb, age 11 : Photo Credit Sophia Litchfield
Hannah, age 10
Brady, age 8
Grace, age 10
Isabella, age 1

This year for Christmas, Santa has asked the CFF Elves to deliver some very special letters to all the good little girls & boys.  Santa is always thinking of ways to spread Christmas cheer AND help raise money for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. He made his list and checked it twice and he's certain that Kaleb, Hannah, Brady, Grace and Isabella are all in his "Nice List." He told us that finding a cure for CF was on the top of all of their Wish Lists this year, and he wants to deliver! So, he's asked for our help! For a small donation ($5, $10, $15 or any amount you choose!) Santa will send a personalized letter to the special person in your life... Young or old! In return, your donation will help find a cure for Cystic Fibrosis. How about that for spreading Christmas cheer! All donations, big and small, go directly to the science of curing CF, and we are getting so close. Be sure to stay on Santa's "Nice List" by helping fund Cystic Fibrosis research this holiday season. You can order your Santa Letter over on the CF Elves Blog, just click HERE!

I am thankful everyday that I am doing something I love to do and helping others. What a blessing! This holiday season, would you keep these sweet kids in your prayers? I know I will!

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Meredith Savage said...

My friend since middle school died of CF at 33 in February. She had an amazing, wonderful, full life and I miss her like crazy. We talked on Thursday, Feb. 9th. She commented on my Facebook page when my status went from "in a relationship" to "engaged" to my fiance' on Feb. 11 and her parents had to make the decision to remove life support on Wednesday, Feb. 15. I am sharing this with my friends once I get home.

Kristi Bowers said...

Soooooo awesome!!!!

In This Wonderful Life said...

this is so so great! beautiful pictures, too!

Sweet Simplicity said...

What a great fundraiser idea! The pictures are beautiful.