Friday, November 23, 2012

Special Delivery (& Black Friday News!)

Yesterday, the girls got a Special Delivery straight from the North Pole! It arrived on our door step covered in snow and magic elf dust with a hand written note from the big man himself.

The girls knew immediately who it was from, shouting, "Santa! Its from SANTA!" when they saw it through the glass. The snow was a huge hit and Lucy told us we couldn't sweep it up because it was magic snow :) They could hardly wait to see what was inside...

It was Pip! Our friendly Scout Elf! All the way from the North Pole! He sits on our mantle, watches & listens to the girls, taking notes to give to Santa every night when he returns to the North Pole. He's rather mischievous, as we found out last year, so we were excited to see what he would be up to this morning... Silly, elf! He was fishing! 

Oh, what fun we will have with our elf this year, as the girls really get it and are so excited! We can't wait to share some more of Pip's Big Adventures!
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